WHats the use of the (PPP) version of the aegis reflector?

I see people cancel into the (PPP) version of the aegis after a mid screen tackle, then if it hits they combo with a d.lk > lk chariot. I also know it can b used as a anti air. But other then that it seems pretty useless. Since fireballs go right under it and does’t reflect.

(most?) super fireballs will bounce off it. Other than that, for reflective purposes it’s pretty useless, but if you’re relying on aegis entirely for reflects, that’s pretty wierd. It’s great for Urien’s mix up game.

It’s allows great variation on combos, as well as the ability to push your opponent further into the corner.

tackle->lp aegis->dash->grab
tackle->ex aegis->c. lk->lk tackle
tackle->ex aegis->f. fp

Any other tackle mixups with ex would be appreciated but those’re the ones I use. Before I used EX Aegis, I would push an opponent to the corner by using a lp. fireball -> fp. Aegis … Now, although it’ll generally move most people back to the corner, it does roughly no damage and is fairly useless. After seeing Ack! at T6, I threw in the c. lk->lk tackle a lot more and it really helped my game. EX Aegis can be pretty brutal in the corner if you keep hitting the guy while it goes, but all in all, it’s not something you want to be using on EVERY tackle. It’s one of those things you throw out once or twice out of 5-10 reflectors (varies depending on how many unblockable setups you hit in a game)

Tackle into EX Aegis is decent because it’s quick. If your tackle is blocked, most Aegii (is that right? I have no idea) leave the opponent able to do SOMETHING (safe or not) unless it’s an EX Aegis. If you cancel into EX Aegis, they’re pretty much forced to deal with it (unless they parry it).

So you go into EX Aegis off a tackle. you recover quickly, so it’s generally the safest option off a blocked tackle.

Right after it comes out, I see a lot of people do f+HP overhead, or d+RH sweep… Or even stall into throw. In any case, It’s good because it comes out QUICK and forces your opponent deal with it even if they parry your tackle (generally).

But what do you get? A sweep or overhead? It’s good because it makes the midscreen tackle really safe (kinda) and offers a mixup (It’s main use that I see), but if you can land another type of Aegis, you’re prolly better off (because it leads to combo).

So… after tackle X EX Aegis: d.LK into tackle hits those who fear overhead. s.MP into tackle hits those when EX Aeigis connects.

Other than that, I think it’s best used when taking advantage of its really fast startup. It’s pretty much your only quick “get-the-fuck-off-me-move” when crowded, and can actually have decent effects. It almsot always connects, and if it hits clean, you can link into combo (not much it seems though).

You can also use it as a last minute fireball-reflector… so you can follow it (the FB) in for pressure… that’s quite a bit of meter to be using for a FB shield though.

As Anti-Air however, I think it is gold. If you get the hit, you get a chance for tackle nonsense (and tackle nonsense rules!). Also, they still have to parry the fuck out of it (if they try to), and you get to play with them if they do…

But I guess the main part is that you have to get or land the hit. Even still, off a s.MP you can get really nice damage off a person who likes to jump-in parry… No unblockable, but you get nice combo. (even if they DO parry, I believe you have advantage)

This goes even more for those whom you can juggle after neutral throw, (with EX Aegis… It’s CHUN!!!) It’s not exactly simple at all (or even reliable) but is possible. For what that’s worth.

But overall, it’s your SAFE Aegis. It comes out quick, and has quick recovery as long as you connect. If you can whip it out in front of the opponent, you usually get the next touch, but they can easily get used to it as well.

what about the mp aegis?

the varying aegis strengths all depend on yours and your opponent’s position on the screen. Aegis (MP) is good if your opponent is in the corner, and your about the length away of an MP Aegis. Throw out an MP sphere, then super cancel into MP aegis. Good luck for your opponent.

Also, EX aegis has juggle uses, although limited, drunken master touched upon this. If you happen to land a random headbutt, throw out an EX aegis. It’ll keep them in the air, so you can tackle, tackle, tackle… it’s pretty random, but you’d be surprised at how often people can get hit by regular headbutts, especially on urien’s wakeup.

Tackle nonsense, that’s the best kind of nonsense :clap:

Linking mp aegis off tackle is the most USELESS aegis of the bunch I can think of, because even if the tackle hits, the startup frames are long enough to allow the opponent to recover. So even if you get the hit, he can block the rest, and then get away from it.

The only practicle use for mp aegis would be as aznflict said – if your opponent is near the corner, but not quite there yet, and even then – there’s better setups.

If you’re against a really tall character, the PPP Aegis can be used as a mixup on wakeup. Since it’s something most don’t see often they might get confused and duck, eating overheads. Not something that you should do all the time but a clever mix-up that might ‘get’ someone.

all these r nice ways of using the (ppp) aegis.
i keep tryin but i cant link a d.lk > lk.tackle after a tackle xx (ppp)aegis
how strict is the timing?

very… I dunno exact numbers (doesn’t feel like 1-frame link to me?) but it’s tight nonetheless.

d.LK into RH tackle can work too.