What's the verdict on Neo Geo Battle Coliseum?

I heard about this game, and found it of interest. But the more I read about it, the more it seemed like a MUGEN project, and so I lost interest for a while. Now that Atomiswave has been emulated, having to wait for NGBC to get dumped, and seeing the videos posted by Soh85 [media=youtube]OBpO6yGUoOQ[/media] . I’m interested in this one.

I was going to post this in the KOF forum, but since this isn’t technically a KOF game, I decided to post it here.

Just curious what the community thinks of this game? How’s the balance? From what I’ve seen it looks pretty balanced, though I’m willing to bet that Marco is in the top tiers or so.

Mr.Big IIRC (or last I checked) pretty much raped. Though i’m going off back in the Jap version.

I overall thought it was an ok game.

Go buy it for PS2 and try it.

Decent competitive game, horrible single player experience. The scene is minimal worldwide at this point unfortunately.

good game, though the oversimplifications ppl make on this forum about it would lead you to believe otherwise.

It’s decent.

Kim and Mr. Big rape the cast but despite that the cast is fairly balanced and really diverse. Almost everyone is usable in one way or another.

Yeah. Exactly.

Don’t believe most of what you read in regards to NGBC from this forum from people unless they play the game hardcore. Hardcore players in NGBC will tell you something completely differently than most people that are not.

Most SRKer’s oversimplify this game to Big-Kim, just like they oversimplify KOFXI to Kula, Gato,Oswald and they oversimplify 98UM to Krauser, Iori, Geese. Look up the NGBC thread on SRK, we got three threads nearly on NGBC, check out the search engine and you will find a lot.


There is no denying or doubting Kim and Bigs dominance in the game. But like I said, despite this. You always see really diverse and original teams in NGBC that do fairly well in tournies.

Everyone is usable in one way or another so don’t be discouraged to use your favorite characters. Just learn the match ups against more used characters like Tung, Athena, Mudman, Marco…etc.

I love the game. It’s one of the few SNK games I actually put forth an effort to get good at (Well, I’d like to think I’m good at it. :lol:)

I liked it quite a lot. Also has a very nice variety and amount of characters from SNK’s library, so you could definitely find a number of them that can work on several teams.

If anything, the only problems the game has for me are the graphics (sprites looking a bit pixilated alongside the BGs) and how the single player (at least the arcade mode) is a bit annoying. Of course, there could’ve been better testing as well, since Kim/Hotaru/Big destroy a decent number of the cast - but there’s a lot of others that can be highly viable for competitive play.

I have yet to see Kim-Big win a Japanese tournament so I just think us Americans need to step up our game and start playing more. Theres more than a couple of counters for Big-Kim and like I say I do believe the reason Big is A Class in Japan is because hes old news, people can already beat him, so why don’t we get to that level where Big-Kim aint running tournaments anymore???

I can sit here and talk all day but to tell you all the truth I dont think most people are gonna listen. They are gonna keep thinking what they think and keep jocking tier lists…


Lolerskates- Its not just Kim/Big/Hotaru. Gosh people when will you realize that??? Tung can shut down as much as any of them, So can plenty other characters in the game. That attitude I see is why a lot of you lose to these other characters!! U have tunnel vision!!! Also Lee played at the highest level is S+ without a doubt. He can shut down almost anyone in the game.

Would help if the PS2 didn’t have lag stages though.

Otherwise it’s a good game. It’s got a diverse cast and some good ideas. I think it could’ve been better though. I wouldn’t mind seeing a NGBC2.

I agree 100% Lukus(spelling? I heard you hate when your name is spelled wrong). The problem is, we don’t have tourneys for this game anymore, so its really hard to motivate people to get better. I’d play it a hell of a lot more if others played it around me. I love the game. I use Kim and Hanzo

NGBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBC? Wait, if Atomiswave is emulated, that means I can play it online??? OMG.

But yeah, I like the game. I’ve played it a lot. I don’t see how the “mugen” thing comes in. A lot of the sprites are unique to this game, so it’s nowhere like Fighting Jam or something. I play Mai and Shiki.

Hey Loocas, I thought I heard a while back the tiers changed? Maybe not, but yeah, people do oversimplify things. The average American player isn’t going to get enough experience to understand how they have to fight solid Kim/Big.

I use Iori/Yuki so. :lol:

Yeah like I said, there are a number of other viable characters in the game that could be used instead of those 3. I remember seeing those Toyama Gadis videos uploaded by Soh85 on his Youtube account a while back and they were pretty impressive AND shows a good variety of the cast.

But still, it’ll be pretty much a lie to say that those 3 aren’t pretty good, no?

Yes and a lot of these other characters shut down those three characters. Sure Big/Kim/Hotaru are good, But I think Tung is equally as good, and Lee (The toughest character in the game to master) is S+ as well. Don’t believe me? I am sure you’ve seen Debukun beast with Lee-Tung. His Lee is far superior than his Tung, and it should cast little doubt on Lee’s ability.

Lee is like Angel/May Lee in 2002. In the right hands God Tier, but to mosrt that don’t master, A/B Class or maybe Mid Tier.

Mike- Then we need more tournaments for these games. Sure when I am travelling I can only do so much, but hey if thats what I gotta do then I will do it!

Any chance you are coming to Impact Clash?
If not, we can probably get a little side tourney or some casuals in at Larry’s new regional in August

Probably said this a bunch of times before, but I’ll say it again anyway: Big is not unbeatable. He’s just a really, really fucking dumb character. He instantly turns the game not fun. Instantly.

Game can also get pretty turtly at times, GCFS and Tactical Step have massive effect on the gameplay by limiting a lot of options. Kim is ridiculous, Hotaru is also ridiculous. There are other strong characters in the game, but there are also some really weak and useless characters (K’, Nakoruru, Yuki, etc).

Lukus man, I know you love Tung, but stop overrating him. He is not top class in that game, he is a one-dimensional character and a scrub killer. I agree that Lee is really good, though, I wouldn’t say S+ but he can be really effective.

Alex check out these high level matches of NGBC to see just how it’s played at top level-

The game overall is pretty fun IMO. If you can play it with others who are good in playing 2D fighters you may have a fun and enjoyable session. Just about everyone in the game is use-able (dunno about poor Chonshu though), and it has one of the most diverse and interesting roster from SNK.
I mean heck who actually expected Mudman, Cyber Woo and Kisarah to be playable characters in this game? Let alone Orochi!