What's the worst matchup in this game?

Anyone know what the least balanced fight is? I was going to say Makoto vs Gouki. Chun Li vs Hugo is supposed to be bad.

Chun-Li vs. Dudley.

Hell for Dudley :mad:.

Q vs. everybody. :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously? Chun-Li vs Hugo. I can also sort of see Chun-Li vs. Dudley.

haha yeah, 1 combo with Makoto = dizzied Gouki… second combo = DOUBLE PERFECT’D

but i really hate gouki even though i use Makoto… i always hesitate to dash under his command grab thing haha.

Makoto vs Q.

yeah q mollests that hooker :slight_smile:

he really does. :bluu:

Hugo vs Yun and Hugo vs Akuma are pretty bad as well.

Chun vs Hugo gets my vote.