What's the worst/most annoying mirror match?






Elenas with U2. Takes longer than it should because of Healing.




Zangief mirrors are annoying as fuck, to be completely honest. His wakeup is so good but Gief’s offense exploits it so hard.


I can’t stand the Ken mirror. I don’t know if my opponent is good or very random because random DP happens either way. I also lose to very bad ones in the mirror but beat them with other characters. It’s really weird.


Cody is kind of fun because he is weak vs frame traps and stand throws which also are some of his main offense and defense techniques.

Most annoying? Honda :stuck_out_tongue:


Do you mean worst to watch or worst to play?
On watching, most charge characters are bad, is there an exception?. Add Fei Long to the list.
On play, I dunno. Dudley’s all about momentum: great oki pressure, bad wakeup.


Honda mirrors drive people insane.


Fuerte Bros Magical Flying Circus


Honda, Dictator, Blanka, Sagat, Guile to an extent and every match against ZZZZZZZZZZangief even mirror. Akumas can be if they’re too safe. IMO y’all.




Really? I thought that watching Keno vs PR Rog was pretty hype.


Honda mirrors, hands down.


None of you played a Viper mirror then huh?


Gouken mirrors are a pain… countless flips, throw mashing, random anti fireball rush punches on block, sweep battles and simultaneous counters…


Blanka and 'sim mirrors and all over the place. Flip a coin random.


Yea but try watching scrubs…


They are all the worst/annoying, that’s why playing them to “learn the match-up” is the FGC equivalent of eating creamed spinach.


I hate the Chun mirror really. Everytime I fight another Chun I think she is so annoying to fight and I start to hate myself for playing her :p.

A fun one is the Juri mirror, I love that one.