What's their to eat nearby Evo2k?

Just wondering what’s around there to eat, cuz, well, I don’t want to be eating ramen all day…

The resort itself has um… http://www.greenvalleyranchresort.com/templates/Dept_img1_promo_bottom.aspx?p=6&d=33&bp=

ah ok thanks

argh… i hope one of those places has some damn chicken.

well inside of green valley ranch there is some pizza place and fat burger haha.

Man we should take these cats to Nikki lees

nope they know nothing about nicholas :smiley:

Looks like we’ll all be eating Panda Express all weekend, only thing in that food court that is probably less than $15 a meal, haha.

If they try and overcharge me on Panda, I WILL violate someone with a chopstick.

is there like a wendys or kfc in walking distance? or what about a pizza hut that would deliver?

:clap: all you can eat sushi haha and not to mention there a steak place.

All I know is Im getting some Little Ceasars delivered, if you see some guy walking in with 47 orders of crazy bread, you know he’s coming to my room.

theres a buffet
tahts all u need to no
and have fun pigging out

L&L ftw~!