Whats this game called?

I remember this fighting game in an arcade, many years ago, I can’t remember how long, but its definitely around 10 years or more. It was a 2d fighter, it was kinda gory. One thing about it that stood out though was the fact that you could cut off your opponents arms and they would still be fighting. I am guessing this wasn’t a very well known game.

Was there a character that was a blob of some sort?

Time Killers

lol at the 2nd post


Anyone remember the old PC “fighter” Die by the Sword? You could cut of arms and legs and all in that, and it had this weird control scheme where you used the mouse to freely control the sword arm. They should remake that for the Wii or something.

Hahaha lovely! It was my first thought when I came to this thread actually



It could have been bloodstorm as well.


^ ^ ^

The blue guy in that screenshot looks like a smurf.

Everyone’s already said TimeKillers and BloodStorm so I’ll add this: Don’t play these games. Your rose-tinted glasses are going to disappear pretty fast.

Whops nevermind I ain’t read enough

That’s sufficient information.