What's this HD version of Super Turbo i keep hearing about?

i’ve only recently gotten word that capcom is doing Hd versions of old fighting games?! I also find lot of irony looking at this workflow of Ken when it comes to first creating sprites way back then, and now doing a HD version they only have the sprite sheet to work with .:stuck_out_tongue:

is there anymore than this??? I’m extremely intrigued by this.

It’s not new news to many (the announcement was on SRK’s main page a few months back), but it’s still a beauty to behold. There aren’t a whole lot more details, other than that Puzzle Fighter is also being redone (also for PC), and both are so far slated for XBL & PS3 arcade. That is to say, they’ll be downloadable games (hikikomoris won’t have to physically visit the store) and will feature online play. I just wish that I got to see more sprites. Personally, I want to see even more sprites added to the HD version of Puzzle Fighter, cuz I like cute.

There are also already threads devoted to these releases.

A couple more sprites is this thread:
T. Hawk’s sprite look awesome… dood.

from fightersgeneration.