What's this stick like? o_0

Unfortunately I live in Ireland, so i can’t afford to buy something from America(not price-wise,time-wise). So I was browsing through all the arcade sticks I could find and this is probably the best one I could find from UK/Ireland shops. Just wondering is it any good. I have $50(about $100), which is enough to get a really good stick from an America, but shipping takes too long. So is this any good:


Anyway could I mod it if I got it?

I’m not familiar with that stick. Without depth and button size measurements, I can’t really tell you how easy it would be to mod.

Ok, thanks. But what do you think of the stick in general. Should I get it?

Wouldn’t know if it’s any good or not, but I know i recall seeing a mod of it in the custom joystick gallery so at least it’s modable.

its wireless :confused:

and i had that stick for a couple hours
it lagged

It’s pretty awful stock but at least it’s moddable with Korean or(with a lot more work) Japanese parts.

yeah, multi is right. people have modded it before.


Again, I’m not really familiar with it. Judging from the picture though, it doesn’t use happ buttons. If the buttons aren’t happ, the stick probably isn’t either. You’re really not going to find a stick with real arcade parts (new) at a $50.00 price point.

Based on what I can see, I’d only get it if the enclosure is big enough to mod. Since you’re pressed for time, modding probably isn’t the best option.

it might be korean parts

WOW! Thanks for all the info guys! Gives rep

BTW: That modded stick looks great, how hard is it to mod? I’m hooked now!

doesn’t look too hard, but i could be wrong. i know nothing about modding.

Ok I have one question. In this thread(http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=135554) the guy said seimitsu snap ins or screw ins? Which ones are screw ins or snap ins on this site?


On the side you will see all the manufacturers but I don’t have a clue how I change buttons! o_0

Typically there is some routing involved in modding on Japanese parts, but I know nothing about the construction of that enclosure.

Ok Thank you for the help! :wink:

Is that a sanwa in there or korean parts? (In the mod job I mean.) If a sanwa fits in there with that little work, it’s a pretty decent buy for an enclosure at $50. Hell, I might buy one.

you can get these naki sticks from wal-mart.com for 20 bucks. lol.

hot garbage.

invest on hrap instead.

Cool mod, wish I could do that. Is that stick for sale kowal?(then again, its from Poland so time is a killer)

Is the case more cheaply made or more difficult to mod (with Korean stuff) than a Saulabi?