Whats up? Elecom JC-AS01BK Arcade Stick

I found a few pictures of a new arcadestick that was released a couple of weeks back by elecom, i kinda fell in love with the design (and it’s only 1.4kg) and was wondering if anyone has had the chance of playing on this stick and if it is of any good quality. if not, have you maybe used another elecom product and can you say that their overall products are good?


heres a link to a site with very large screenshots of the stick:



cool news.

you’re allowed to post links here so you know :). no need to hxxp.

One time I heard this guy posted a link and a mod had him tortured and skinned and locked in solitary confinement until he starved to death. Later his girlfriend was executed by firing squad and his dog was sent to a concentration camp to be gassed and then incinerated. :sad:

what’s a link?

i kinda like it

if it has QD’s and under $60 ill pick one up

what’s qd? i’m interested in this stick too as it’s reasonably priced. i think it’s chinese manufactured
has anyone tried this one and where do u buy?

Check out this thread http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=132043