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So I like to think I’m pretty desensitized to a lot of stuff because well I’ve been doing the 4chan thing for a long time and I’ve lived in a nasty neighborhood all my life but…yesterday I think I almost burst into tears while driving home from work. Yesterday evening at around 7 o clock, I was driving home from HP through Tweedy in South Gate and I happened to witness a speeding car pummel through two children at roughly 50 mph. The children flew and I hate to be an asshole, but the 4chan did kick in at first when they were rag dolling, but seconds after the initial reaction real life set in. I could see the kids writhing in pain, and noticed the driver attempt to speed away. I got his license plate, but so did three other passerbys. They gave the cop the number but I didn’t, I couldn’t get myself to leave my car or get anywhere near the accident.

One of the two children died at the scene while the other’s condition is unknown to me because the ambulance took him away.

I had no ties to these children, but for some reason, I can’t help but worry for the other little dude.

I dunno sorry if this is spam, I just had to get this off my chest. I told my friends about it, but they lurk 4chan more than I do or did, so they just laughed it off, and I just assumed it was cause they weren’t there.

drive safe everyone.

I hope that hit and run driver gets caught…and punished.

Goddamn, I hope they find that fucker and give him/her the worst jail ass raping.

Challenge the driver to a MM.

I hope they catch that son of a bitch.

And I’m assuming it’s just witnessing it for yourself that made you feel that way. Unless your friends are the biggest assholes this side of the ocean, I’m sure they would’ve felt the same way had they witnessed it as well.

Yeah, that’s because you’re human. If you didn’t care, then I would think you were a freak.

why are kids crossing the street by themselves?? where the fuck were their guardians???


a lady who I would assume was their mother or guardian was a few feet behind the kids when this happened. She was one of the witnesses to the whole license plate deal.
She was sitting right between them both the entire time whispering things to them, probably telling them both that she loves them. I can only assume the first boy passed in her arms because she would not let them go even with police asking her to steer clear of them.

dander’s heart > valle’s

i’d probably be in shock if i saw some shit like that, it’s almost impossible to be “objective” and find the funny in stuff like that when you witness it.

That is very depressing. I don’t think my life would ever be the same if I saw something like that. Hope they find the guy. Condolences to the family of that kid, too. :shake:

Goddamn, I read the original post thinking “Aw fuck, that sucks.”

But this second post made me go:shake:

Rough shit… Those poor kids… That poor lady…

I know this is the internet and shit, but the first person that comes in here and goes “MAN UP BITCHES, THIS IS SRK! HAHAHA FUNNY KID DETHS” I hope gets punched in the face. By a car.


damn well the kid doesnt have to deal with life anymore hes in a better place now, r.i.p. kid and i hope the other pulls through…:sad:

Wait, what does 4chan have to do with any of this:?

i saw a kid on the sidewalk get hit by some woman a couple months ago

kids shoes flew like 200 feet from his body

that and that guy pearl getting decapitated haunt me (hearing the wheezing in his throat as they’re trying to cut his head off with a dull knife) all the time

i used to sit through those DO YOUR WORST /b/ threads and be fine. I thought I really was desensitized but this really IS just the internet.

For all of you wondering, this was real.

Way to ruin my evening. Is there a news article you could link to?

Yea… I’ve seen a few tragic things as well. Turns your perspective completely around . Funny when you see someone get hit by a car in a movie, but when it’s real life that a whole different story.

I still don’t understand the following behind 4chan. How is that shit attracting you guys?

Knowing you, I think a news link is required.

If this is true then that’s really fucked up.