What's up it with the recent bashing of SNK animation?

I will admit that SNK sprites ARE outdated, and I will admit that some SNK sprites are outdated in animation(Old Kyo for example). But; for example, if you think SFA3 Dhalsim has better animation than the SvC Dhalsim, then you’re just a blind fanboy. Any game from SNK in 98 and up had better animation than most capcom games most of the time(except for SF3). Compare 98 Heavy D’s sprite to R.Mika SFA3 sprite, then you will see what I mean.

KoF 2002 Kim sprite animation. I call him Mr. Animation now.

People get animation mixed up with sprite resolution pretty easily. Why? I don’t know. Too many dumb asses I guess.

How about 98 iori’s animation compared to r.mika. Or how about every iori sprite other than his cvs sprite

Iori’s hair magically turns darker from his idle pose when he starts walking :clap: gogogo rehases!

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Dude, seriously, where have YOU been?:lol:

Well, there is a relationship between animation and sprite resolution. The higher the resolution, the more “in between” animation frames you have to add to have the same smoothness effect compared to a lower-resolution sprite.

Some SNK have bad animation, or just a cheap look to them. Most don’t and are great games. I still like capcom 2D fighters better, but SNK is one hell of a true video game company!

Well kof does have shitty animation usually though i dont mind it’s a great game. but they’re packing in what 30 to 40 characters, plus huge movesets and fluid BGs so it’s going to take up an assload of space. But snk still has beautiful games like
Kabuki clash
ninja masters
the RealBout series
Galaxy Fight

Yeah ninja masters and kabuki clash have some really good animation and colors. Too bad ninja masters wasn’t more popular :sad:

Exactly what I was thinking! :rofl:

With technology going forward, kof games have steadfastly stuck to mid-90’s graphics. Expect even more complaints.

now who’s being a fanboy? A couple of days ago I wandered into a mall and saw KOF 2004 special. The animation stinks. I couldn’t tell what move they were making. What? That was an attack?

Let me simplify it for you then: people like pretty things. Whether things are pretty because they have high resolution or well drawn, or whether the animation is nice, it doesn’t matter. Ugly is ugly. Kof is ugly.

And don’t give any BS about KoF being a great game so the graphics doesn’t matter. Part of the importance of graphics is to convey information to the player. Low frame rate, low amount of frames, and low resolution = a game that can’t convey information well enough to hold most people’s interest.

…That was another dime-a-dozen hack of a pre-existing KoF (no such game exists).


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This post wins.

Now excuse me, ill go play with my Demitri/Felicia team in CFJ.

Well, gee, pardon me if I can’t tell a “fake” arcade game from a real one. But I guess snipes like that all you can do instead of post real arguments. but since that is a fake game, how about SVC, which is realtively newer than the rehashed capcom sprites? Poor resolution, poor animation, extremely low palette.

KoF: Episode 9 is coming out later this year on AW for arcade.

cvs2 has pretty 3d backgrounds and fancy 3d graphics effects and pyrotechnics that makes it easy on the eyes. svc has ugly painted all over it.

game over. you lose.

Why is this?

Marvel and sammy should just make all of the 2D fighting games because they are the best at it.

OK, think Third Strike, Chun Li’s standing animation, the arm facing towards the opponent. Suppose you want to make Third Strike high-res, so instead of the 320-something resolution you want the 640x480 (like guilty gear), but you also want to keep the smoothness.

This results on your sprites having to increase their dimensions by two as well. So, if Chun Li’s arm moved 32 pixels when moving up and down, it will now have to move 64 pixels. The thing is, if you keep the amount of animation frames the same, there will be more pixels that will go from “empty” to “arm is now there” after every frame, increasing the sense of “jumpiness” in the animation. In other words, instead of the arm smoothly moving 1 or 2 pixels per frame as before, it will start “jumping” 2 to 4 pixels per frame. It’s a visual effect.

That’s why GG seems to have a bad animation. Its not that they have less frames than say, the “new” CvS2 sprites, but the resolution affects the effect of smoothness the sprites provide.