What's up portland peoples!?

Just moved to portland area, I’ve been here once or twice before and people seemed to go to tilt…is that still mostly where people hang out or is it somewhere else?

Hope to feed some win counters real soon, been out of the game too long.

Good thread and welcome to the area! You just missed a really fun tourney at psu. Anyhow… what games do you play? Ground Kontrol is really fun and better than Tilt from what I’ve heard. It’s fun on a Saturday night, the DJ’s are alright and the beer’s cheap. Most of the machine’s are in decent order. ST is good to go in my book. groundkontrol.com I think. Open till 2:30am.

If I can get two people to agree on a time to play ST, I’ll come down and play. Hop on GGPO. And e-mail tilt.com to get sf4 at lloyd’s.

honestly these days I’ll play just about anything.

My main game is 3s, but I want to branch out into some other stuff. I’m all for hanging out and playing whatever though, just dont expect me to be that great hehe.

Well, it sits right next to the ST game and the sticks are fine. I was there last night with Cole and had a few beers- good times. A couple locals were even playing ST and 3s. Check out their website for a list of all their games, drop by and tell us if you liked the place.

I’d like to get a few people on SRK to get over there one of these nights and have some casuals.

I might head out to GK or tilt tomorrow, Im sure its not the best time to do so but I’m bored as hell right now

Cool, I’m about an hour and a half away in Astoria… which has no gaming scene. I don’t mind the drive to Portland if we can get at least 2 other people to go and play a few hours. I work tomorrow’s night shift and then I have 5 days off. I might start a GK thread. Oh yeah, you gotta be 21 to play at GK cuz it’s a bar too.

Actually there is one guy in Astoria that used to play marvel here but mover over there, if you’re interested

Yo, Im down. Im like, a 20 min bike ride away.

I go to Ground Kontrol alot, just to drink a couple beers and play 3s and ST. (I suck at both tho)
And i started a GK thread, its down there if you look. Someone could bump it if they wanted.

-I got tomorrow off, and Im always off of work by 8 or 9 every night, so Im there after that.

Tell GK to change there sticks out… then I’ll play.

Sounds good, I don’t play much Marvel, mainly ST and CVS2. Gonna bump that GK thread down there soon.

Im gonna be honest all I see is the tourney thread, where is the GK meet up for casuals or whatnot if there is one?

It probably got moved to the back a page. You could just use this for it.

I will be going to tilt after 5:00 on Friday. Just cause I wan to play some cvs 2.

there’s only one problem with your plan ross.

theres no cvs2 at tilt, only random select

We got a machine apparently!!! Yay Tilt scrubs, and all sorts of other good stuff. yay.