Whats up with all of this Gen coverage on the front page?



Are people giving some recognition to Gen due to Nu coming out in style or because people think the AE changes will push him up the tierlist?

I dont understand ;l


I’m going to guess it is because of Nubbs showing at socal regionals.

The fact he did well against multiple top players of America with Gen gets hype.


I was happy to see the little coverage on Gen from this site and eventhubs but at the same time I don’t like other players who don’t main Gen knowing all his tricks. Its tough as it is to get some of his stuff out on good players but now they will have some clue to how he works. maybe I’m being childish…I just enjoy the fact that 80% of the time my opponent has no clue what Gen can really do unless you does the proper research.


If Gen becomes good/better he will become more played, and thus more people will know what he can do. That is inevitable.


But the problem with that is that one of Gen’s main advantages is (stupidly) people’s inexperience against him and lack of knowledge about his tricks.


I don’t think so. I don’t see how it is a problem at all, if they buff him correctly (they won’t, this is Capcom).

But if people play Gen only because no one else does, then that’s a pretty shitty reason to play him in the first place. The fact we still discover crazy things like buffer f.walk cross-up Oga is quite evident of the depths this character has, and we’re not hitting the bottom yet imo (even in SSFIV, let alone if AE releases). Yes if he does grow into popularity people will find out about certain tricks, but we’ll just have to find new mindgames/tricks/footsies to their answers. If anything, people discovering Gen is a good thing, as in this current state with Gen, it’s not us that should be afraid of other players. It should be them for not trying to understand Gen sooner.
Even so, things like cross-up Oga (for example Oga>c.mp> lk oga in Bisons case) are not something the opponent just figures out, there is no visual clue at at anyway. Gen has alot of these 50/50 moments. Besides, les not act like shenanigans are all we have here, he still has solid combos and good (some would say ‘decent’) pokes. They opposition has alot of catching up to do with us in regards to tricks and such though, so I wouldn’t stress about that so soon already, especially considering most of the stuff is really hard to figure out even if you know about them in theory, like cross-up mantis U1, how do you know which way to block? The Gen could’ve missed it and it won’t cross-up.

To be fair I don’t think anyone is still really interested in Gen, he is still way too underrepresented and rare to really learn indepth like they would with Guile, Ryu or Ken. Gen is an oddity, he actually always was, even when he was strong(er) like in Alpha 3.

Just look at the Shenanigans thread, since it was created early in Super’s life it has spawned many small but nifty tricks, tips, shenanigans and solid advice from players like Tha messiah, street11, crazyandy, zerodemise, HNIC mike, and many others. It’s things like that the others won’t really care for, but they fail to see that is what Gen is all about…So you see, they might ‘learn’ Gen matchup-wise, but that doesn’t mean they understand him.


I’m glad Gen is getting this short front page exposure for the simple fact people who have seen the videos are less likely to assume you’re a joke when they see Gen on the other end of the character select screen. When your opponent goes into the match without their usual confidence its easier to make them crack.


i wouldnt worry about it too much. characters that require a pretty steep amount of execution will always have the mystery factor.

for example, wolfkrone has been playing viper in my scene since vanilla. one tourney every 2 weeks for two years. and still, theres only a few of us here who really know how to fight her. her execution keeps people from picking her up as a secondary and learning the matchup that way, and you rarely run into anyone who is good with her

while its debateable who is tougher to play from an execution standpoint, even if viper is harder, it dosent make gen as pick up and play as a shoto or rog or rufus. he is still one of the two or three harder characters to learn in the game


Let them post more coverage with GEN!

The AUS psn community isn’t very big. I find myself playing the same players every night. What I’m finding is that the more they play Gen, the more I learn from the match ups, and the more they learn from the match ups. Which is a good thing and plays in Gen’s favor IMO.

People need to know Gen’s stronger moves and set ups so they actually start fearing them.

For example: Gen has some great options after a throw…oga, jumping cross up, wait and space, meating mp, jump back crane mp (on fat chars), kara throw, crane mp to beat teching, lk gekiro from a step away to beat teching, ex gekiro at point blank to beat some reversals and teching/ex command throws…or even be a step away and WAIT (gen can punish LOTS OF THINGS with mk hands) his tool kit is endless and some of those set ups lead into big damage!

So what does this mean? If your opponent knows that your throw is deadly…then they will go out of their way to stop you. Your opponent might be more throw OS tech heavy (punish it) or they might be reversal heavy (block and BIG PUNISH) leaving their defensive options to two which makes your life very easy in your guessing game. They also have the option to block, which opens up a kara throw lol.

So I say, the more people know of Gen, the more your play will evolve to focusing on your spacing, footsies, knockdown game, and a little bit of luck with some random Gen stuff.

Random will not consistently win matches alone and I am sure we will start seeing this as Gen gets more coverage.


I just don’t want to see alot of noobs playing gen


We all used to be noobs. Some are good, some will get stuck while developing their execution.


That’s true, we were all scrubs once.

But think of it like this, some of them are going to find that it’s not easy picking up Gen, and will drop =] So no need to worry, and those people who do try and stick with him, will have to work as hard as we do to get to our level.


speaking of the front page coverage, how did Nubb’s vids not make it to srk or eventhubs home page? Surely they’d be more entertaining than a vid released months after release saying “wowz Gen can kkk c.mk under fireballz omg”. Who do you message/e-mail to inform them of a front page-worthy vid?


I agree, I think it would just be funny to see a shoto user who’s used to doing simple srk//fb fadc stuff try doing mk hands fadc etc. :smiley: And a thousand applauds for your performance :slight_smile:


Winning using tricks means very little.
More coverage and knowledge about Gen will make him more respected, both in matches and in tiers. I welcome it.


i like gen , he is a bastard to learn but seriously rewarding in the win altho im at uber scrub level its just a matter of learning his move sets agasint other char jumpy people or turtles etc … jumpy is easy turtle i have the worst time with.