What's up with j.d.MP?

Why does this move even exist, why should I use it at all? The only thing I can think of is some kind of option select where you you do SPD if they do not jump into your j.d.MP, if that would even work.

In short, does this move have any use at all?

Does this really need a thread of its own? You could have asked the question in the Lab thread, could’nt you?

It stuffs dps, trades/beats a lot in the air (surprisingly) can be used to land spd’s very well after youve conditioned them to block on their wake up - in reality this move is what lets me hit 720’s. Its pretty good actually.

It´s my favorite trick

heh, I was looking for a “moveset & attributes” thread for this, didn’t think about the lab thread. But I think it can ahve it’s own thread, it’s use is far from obvious. I will try using it some more based on what I’ve seen so far in this thread.

I can’t really hit anyone with any of hawk’s jump in normals other than jab which is fine since it cancels into condor dive. The combination of his extremely high jump and honestly bad jump in normals pretty much limit your options to the elbow.

The real question is what is df+jab good for.

Air D.MP is amazing. gives you outs for problems you should not have.

people who are above you, that you can’t hit with DP

This happened to me today in a T.Hawk mirror match, I can safely say i learnt quick but only had 2 chances to use it back on him. If im not mistaken its also good for people who are attempting a crossup and jump a little too late.

You can also use cl.mp for that…so df.lp is still kind of useless.

Agreed. When it is out, it puts them in block animation. Many players will wait for a hitting frame before they mash out their counter… But really you land and go right into the 720.

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Overall, when compared to other jumping elbows (Cody, Adon, Sagat, Dudley, Furete). The only one that has better hit priority is Dudley’s. (look at the hit box data) However,Dudley’s jump arc is lower, it has a smaller hit box, and stays out only about half as long. T.Hawks is a very solid option that beats many airbrone mores, or at least trade with them.

Oh, now I understand what you mean, that sounds REALLY nice.

I use it to buffer into 720 so I don’t have to dash or jump.
Just stand right next to them, df+jab them, and whether they block or get hit the Ultra/Super is out as soon as it’s done. They can only escape if they jump. Or maybe if they mash SRK too I guess, that always seems to beat everything. Although it hasn’t been done to me yet. In my experience they either get Ultra/Super’ed or they jump away.

Faster with a normal jab though, c.lk -> jab -> 720 usually gets em.