What's up with most fighters that didn't

have a training mode as deep as vf’s training mode well more specifically vf4evo’s training mode? I could imagine one of the old school games having a training mode just like it for Hyper Fighting or ST for example. Showing videos on how to certain moves or to apply combos. Seeing as the VF4evo training mode taught you mix-ups, execution, and different other things to perfect your skills. Not only that it taught you exactly how to use your character with all the fundamentals to achieve high level play. If all fighters had a training that taught you everything you needed to know about a fighter it would be easier to attract new people.

co fuckin sign

  1. dev usually dont know SHIT about how to play their own game

  2. It cost money

  3. It takes time

  4. Time is money

and outside of japan (where they dont even play on console) vf has one of the smallest scenes of any tournament-worthy fighting game so why should they bother

VF is good and all, but the US REALLY doesn’t like it, so I dont know why one would want to rip their training modes, seeing as ANYONE can make a training as easy as pie.

I understand that vf isn’t played like that over here, but they still could have at least had a very simple tutorial mode not quite like KOF intro on how to play. But more like smash melee’s tutorial mode, or at best have a link to a site on the back of the instruction booklet that has the tutorial on the site.

cvs2 has one of the best training modes ever

They could have one like Soul Calibur 2, where they show you how the moves are done AND how they look.

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ST doesn’t need a training mode. ST is a game where you get good by playing other people.

Wait, people?

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yeah that is 100% true but think about the cats that don’t have competition 24/7 or let alone even knows about the scene for it whatsoever.

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So, so true.

It’s going to be really tough with a new title too. There’s no way to know all that you would need to include to make it on par with EVO’s training mode.

Yeah, but what IS there to learn in ST? All you need to learn are match-ups and that’s it, really. There aren’t any combos that are essential to the game. You can get good just by watching match videos. The game is really basic.

I think most companies don’t care enough to include an ultra in-depth tutorial… but also, I think by not having a tutorial, it leaves the door open for exploration, instead of spoon-fed strats/combos/etc…

I remember back in MvC2, training mode, I did a 15 hit aerial rave. It was some stupid combo that is horrible, but back then, I thought I was the shit. I think that if I was automatically shown AHVB, Strider/Doom, etc… I wouldn’t have found that stupid 15 hit combo that made me so happy.

So your an ST master now? Where did you place recently for ST at an evo qualifier, or any recent big tournament for ST?

Just matchups, lol, you could say the same thing for every fighting game. lol.

I guess that the devs just doesnt put good training modes in his games because “only old-schooling 90s fags cares about technical stuff these days”, sadly.

Cvs2 training = the shit

A training like vf4 would be awesome but really, only by having recordind functions and SHOWING YOUR INPUTS on the screen is great.
One thing that would be nice in training mode: You could program the combo that you want to do and then if you got a wrong input the game would show the missed ones red, i thought of this when i was training ptf and sometimes i needed to read every input to see what went wrong, if those appeared in red it would be great.