Whats up with people

Hi dan fans,

I must say i love SF4 my main is Dan because it make fun to play a weak char :lovin:

But what i must say people pissing me off writing me mails that i am a noob and a pu…y and that things.
i mean its not that problem but the most people playing only ryu, ken, sagat, and akuma sometimes the have some camys too. and then the get angry because i play dan 70% playing this listened char so whats the deal

I think it is because the think dan is weak means not that there is not good dan players out there… so whats up with this people do the cant loose :sweat:

Sorry for my english its not the best and i hope everyone can understand what i did mean with this letter…

THX Gadouken ::slight_smile:

so my questions do u have the same probs there online…

People quit on me cause they keep winning. Never lose the Saikyo spirit.

But yes, I have seen some awesome Dan players. I main Sakura actually so I don’t think I’ll ever be one. But my brother on the other hand, a former Ryu player, was instantly good with Dan. That is a natural phenomenon.

Ryu and Ken won’t be your worst matchups, I can win at least a match or so against them. Its just Akuma and Sagat (and Bison) that I struggle with. I’ve been fighting Akuma alot so I’m adjusting.

If you play against a certain character alot, you’ll learn. Like Bison headstomps, I no longer try to attack into it. I run!

The path of Saikyo is not an easy one, I get disrespected and underestimated most of the time, but when I keep my cool and practice alot I crush those shotos and Sagats . People here are cool and will help you along your fights. Dan is for the pros, you’ll need great skills and intelligence for strategy to win.

Like everyone else said, it’s a long and hard grind to play Dan. I had just started getting better as of recently. I can actually put up a fight now and keep people on their toes. Before I was just a punching bag.

There is a ton of useful information in this section that can help you move forward. It’s just learning it and putting it to use. Don’t let others get to you. People will always talk shit. Keep it pink.

I would have to say my worst matchup is Balrog (boxer). Every character has their patterns, you just have to learn them and most of all…BE PAITENT and dont forget the first rule of Dan. Taunt

add me if you want to learn some tricks

psn: itschrislee

Yes add me as well on Live. I’m not the greatest Dan, but I can show you at least a little something. More of what not to do.

One thing, be careful with mashing. Missed Koryukens mean punishment. Dankukyaku’s can go over people, and has bad recovery for the most part. Be patient like the guy before me said. Before you try and be hardcore and give the Saikyo Smackdown, learn peoples habits by turtling and going in when they mess up. The Danku will be your best friend.