What's up with some old school NW?!


By old school I mean like…

Hyper Fighting
Super Turbo
Alpha 2/Alpha 3
Third Strike

This thread was inspired by watching the random game tournament at the dojo and from playing A3. Playing older games reminds me of just how slow the IV series is =/. I’m down to play/learn any of those games I just listed (except 3s sorry =/). Cole was talkin about having side tournaments at every dojo event.

So what’s up?! Who’s down?!


3s chun, go mandel!


im down to learn ST and hyper fighting (like actually learn it) and refine my alpha and 3s skills!


I am always down to play 3s. I <3 that game.


I want to play all of these games all of the time.


3s money matches?


a3, go.


3S is my game. Let’s play!




Rainbow Edition, my dudes. Telling you.


I got an SNES and 2turbo (not even ST) at my place in springfield, who wants a piece?


If 3S or A2 ever go down somwhere I’ll always plan on finding a way out.


3s tourneys at the dojo every thursday! we had a 16 man bracket last week. i will be there thursday the 19th for sure.


I’ll play any version of Street Fighter II.


I want to learn more! I’m mostly interested in a3, 3s, and maybe a bit of ST/HF, if people are willing to teach anything I’m down to learn and play :slight_smile:


Alright so since there’s a good amount of interest in the older games, let’s start off by seeing when everyone’s available to play. Does everyone have GGPO? And if so, what are your handles on there? Since my XBL has expired, I’m down to play whenever. I have the following games on GGPO…

ST, A2, A3, Breakers Revenge, XvSF, KOF2002, and 3s (although it’s messed up and I’m not even interested in playing this lol). I hella wanna play some A2 for whatever reason.


Es Tee


I’m down for GGPO (A3, 3S, HF/ST mainly and I’m down to play anything else too). Available times are 8PM-1AM on weekdays assuming I’m actually at home/my computer.

If anyone needs one of the supported GGPO games, msg me in IRC and I can help.:tup:


I can play on GGPO too, I have ST, 3s, A3, Breakers Revenge and Vampire Saviour amongst a few other’s.


I’m on GGPO for ST pretty often, usually in the window between 2:30pm and 4pm. My handle on GGPO is geoSRK and I’m in West Seattle.