Whats up with udon?

all the street fighters, rival schools, darkstalkers and other comics, are they still working on them?

Think they’re all on hold while they work on ST HD and Puzzle fighter projects.

Aside from working on the games mentioned above -

They are translating Street Fighter manga now - Two volumes of the Street Fighter Alpha manga are out and the first book of Sakura Ganbaru! both works from Masahiko Nakahara are out right now. There’s 2 more after those, the SF2 manga by Masaomi Kanzaki (a better adaptation than the previous one) and Ryu Final by Masahiko Nakahira.

The SF comic is supposed to return towards the end of this year.

Soon they will be translating Korean comics.

The SF comic is supposed to return towards the end of this year.

Darkstalkers is in limbo, last I heard they were looking for a new artist with Alvin Lee on SF now and other projects. They had an artist at one point but he backed out. Seems unlikely at this point that it will return.

Rival Schools is finished due to not so good sales. There is supposed to be a TPB which may feature Rey’s third issue much like the Exalted trade featured the last of that series. Not too sure at this point if that TPB will see the light of day. But if/when it does that will be the end of RS.

wheres my megaman zero artbook jesus christ 87/

Yeah I’m waiting on that too…

Ryu Final and the Udon/Capcom Artbooks are at the top of my list. I wonder how long we’ll have to wait to see Ryu Final on the shelves.

Are they/can they do simultaneous releases, like Kanzaki sf2 vol 1 and Ryu Final Vol 1 in the same week, or are they gonna string it all out as long as possible and maybe release Ryu Final by Christmas?

Really can’t tell ya.

All we have are ‘future dates’ of things and these tend to be wrong, not written in stone and they seem to always ship later than the date that’s stated. But these are at least ballpark dates, and publisher dates which means it might hit comic shops a week after or so. It’s also the case that book stores like Barnes & Noble recieve manga earlier than comic book shops for some reason I’ve never really understood, though I guess that helps keep Naruto a top seller for them because they get it a week earlier than comic book shops, hmm. Anywho -

SF2 Vol. II - 9/28

The first volume was slated for June 2007 and it’s not out to show you how these things go. I don’t see a date for the third volume so it’s not up for Pre-Order.

Sakura Ganbaru! vol. II slated for 10/28.

First volume of Ryu Final is slated for 11/30.

It at least seems that SF2 and Sakura Ganbaru! will ship around the same time as SF2 or close to it and Ryu Final will finish out the year, but you really can’t go by these dates. Udon goes through Diamond and Diamond ships whenever Diamond wants to ship. Not that I know how advanced Udon is in translating so far and how the Korean comics they are also putting out will effect all of this…

I’ve seen Udon’s Art of Capcom mentioned a few places that it would ship in September, here it’s listed as 9/30, so September or early August is a safe bet for that sine they already had the book available at cons but again, nothing is written in stone.

I just died inside. I loved Darkstalkers. The fight scenes are what did it for me. Also, DS barely gets any love game-wise. I mean… Same fucking sprites. It’s nice to see more of it.

I talked with people from the Udon booth at FanExpo this past weekend in Toronto, and they acknowledged the delay, but said it’s being finished up now, and will (hopefully) ship out before Christmas. Actually I think the guy I talked with is Matt, the guy who runs lilformers.com, a pretty fun Transformers - related webcomic.

The Udon Art of Capcom book is being sold in hardcover at cons now - the one listed on Amazon and other online sites is the softcover version. I flipped through a copy they had open at the con, it’s pretty good.

I’ve posted this here at SRK before, but here’s a post by Udoneko AKA Erik Ko as some of you know him as over at Newsarama that he made three months ago, just in case some of you didn’t see it.

*Exalted’s sales is not what we expected. By the end, we have to make a decision. The only way we can print the last episode is to do it with the trade. It is no secret, as you can easily find sales numbers online: we sell more trades to book stores than we can sell the single issues to comic stores. It is sad, but the comic market nowadays is not in favor to indie books.

We are also offering Exalted # 5 for download through our regular online publisher. As I said, we would love to publish the book, but really, we cannot afford to do so.

As for the Capcom books -

Rival Schools - hands down, my bad decision to put Rey on the book. I have no excuse. Though I still believe he is a talented artist. I wish him best of luck in his future work.

Darkstalkers - similar to Exalted, sales are not where we wanted it to be. The choice is either to stop it, or put someone cheaper on the book, that will result in dropping of quality. We choose to stop it and is doing everything we can to find an artist that is good and within our budget to continue.

Street Fighter - if you did not know already, our whole team is currently working on redrawing SUPER STREET FIGHTER TURBO for HD release. Yes, it means we are drawing everything in our style. It is our biggest challenge yet. We have been working on that since we ended SFII #6. Until we have finished this job, the book is on hold. That is why we are doing the SF Mangas in the mean time, to keep the SF franchise going while we are on haitus.

Please note that up till this point, UDON’s main business is still on the creative services we do for our clients. In the beginning of 2007, I have decided that we shall push our publishing end further, thus we are now expanding to manga, manhwa, and artbook publishing. We are hoping that with these ventures, it will help us grow to become a stronger publisher, both financially and experience wise, so that we can keep doing more comics in the future.

Thank you for your support.*

Source -


Yea, I got a Udon Capcom artbook with a sketch by Omar Dogan in it at Comic Con. Pick one up if you can, it’s great.

reys ok when given his own own thing. but like i wanted to give him a chance but i knew in my heart of hearts that shit was gonna tank hard.


What happened with Rey? Did he back out? Did he pull a Pat Lee and screw UDON somehow?

Truth be told, I didn’t care for his art style outside SF mini (or within for that matter), so no big loss in my book.

Anyway, I could’ve told you that DS & RS wouldn’t work. No one cares about those franchises. Well… not enough to support a book anyway…

UDON should be doing three books really:

Street Fighter
Mega Man
Mega Man X (or maybe .exe, even though THAT’S NOT REAL MEGA MAN… :bluu: )
Perhaps they could do Phoenix Wright or something…

I’m glad we got what we got, but it could only last so long. Especially since Capcom shows those franchises any love either…

As for Rey, the book didn’t sell, he went to do other things and that’s it. It’s not a Pat Lee and I’m sure there are no hard feelings involved.

Rey’s book didn’t sell because his art is terrible. I saw his Rival Schools artwork and it was so terrible compared to the artwork they had in game, and even the comic they used to have of it that it was ridiculous.
I think he could do something of his own that fits the style, but his artwork just doesn’t go with the genre.

its not that its horrible it was just done in rey’s specific style. and for his stories he does that just fine…but not for a series where theirs a specific style and rythmn for it.

Rey is helping on the street fighter hd which im amazed about…but its pretty much tracing anyways so i guess u can’t screw it up.

Oh yeah forgot about that lol Arnold Tsang is also working on it. Seems like relationships are good all around.

I enjoyed Rey’s RS comic and only wish more people gave it a chance. It looked better than a hell of a lot of colorless Ameri-manga I’ve seen, I mean if you see some of it without colors it really looks bad because the inking is terrible. The inking on RS was very good, variation of line weight and a good use of blacks which a lot of the Ameri-manga people don’t do. Their stuff really needs color otherwise it looks empty.

But yeah the thing about say, SF is that it’s had many different styles. RS has had only one style really, that of Edayan (does all of the character designs for the Phoenix Wright series now BTW) and it’s a hard style to fake. Omar Dogan tried in the Summer Special and it’s still not quite the same.

My only real complaint about the comic is that they revealed Akira’s identity way too fast for my tastes, other than that it was quite enjoyable.

I hope Udon does bring out the TPB with Rey’s third issue, SFD said the third issue clocked in at 50 pages or so. While the series will not continue hopefully Rey’s work will find more of an audience with the book buying manga crowd that is not so dead set against things that are not in color. But who can say.

He used to post here before, left during all that ‘drama’ this board went through before. Pretty cool guy who loves Capcom games - big fan of Devil May Cry 3 like myself. He got Ikeno to do a Dante sketch for him at one of the cons, dude’s a fan just like the rest of us. He expressed interest in doing both a Strider comic (Erik Ko told him the rights for Strider are very complex) and a CVS comic on these boards. I would of loved to have seen those things personally. Mainly for Strider because the Strider 2 look seems right up his alley, seriously you should see a lot of the fan artwork on his website it’s freaking awesome.

Anyway I wish him the best and I hope Cheap Shots returns when the SF comic comes back.

its funny how i was into udon before they became udon. like i knew about these artists for years online wise before they formed a crew. Like i liked them seperately but as udon they got alot of issues i dont like. much of my dislike is because of early street fighter issues…it had alot of issues. alot of the stuff wasn’t inked and if it was the inker was lazy as hell cuz i could still see pencil lines and the coloring was funky.

but these are just personal opinions. but i like arnold…i especially like tha one piece drawing he has on deviantart.

Yeah I’ve liked Udon since they did the worked on the Marvel mangaverse way back when. I got the Marvel manga Avengers book signed by them, it was funny because Alvin Lee, Ken Siu-Chong and Erik Ko were having serious flashbacks, I wasn’t aware that it was the first comic they ever did. Ken pointed to a truck in the book and said to Alvin “Hey remember when you were going crazy looking for reference for that truck?” and they had a good laugh. :rofl: