Whats up with udon?

i cant believe DS didnt sell well, i love it as much as street fighters, especially all the characters are very interesting…

It sucks that they stopped writing the SF comic, but I’m excited for the game anyway…so I suppose it’ll be worth wait.

That’s pretty much why I didn’t buy it. I’m sure quite a few others were similarly unmotivated. Shoulda had Fred Perry do it. I remember this awesome pic he did of female versions of Ryu, Ken, and Gouki standing back to back in a semi-circle back in '96…

Fred Perry can’t ink. For jack. Look at Gold Diggers without color then look at it with color. Compare his B&W to any manga, Batman Black and White or even Rey’s stuff. Fred’s great and all and he’s even animated his own stuff, but inking - no. Sure would not want him to do black and white anything. Everything with him as the same exact hair thin line weight and there are hardly any blacks to hold anything down which would be fine if there were enough grays to compensate but there aren’t.

On the other hand he’s a great penciler and colors tend to hide a lot of inking errors or make them unnoticable (seriously he doesn’t even connect lines sometimes) so I’d love for him to see him do a color SF/Capcom related book. B&W no just no…

Special thanks to WadeWilson for this info. Udon’s working on a Track and Field game with Konami.

Some anime Power Girl and Supergirl figures too.

Where’s my comics lol! :rofl:

Wow Ken and Cammy in a Konami game.

Yeah I dunno if that’s them or super random Konami characters but LOL at Pyramid Head from Silent Hill! :rofl:

pyramid head’s gonna rape somebody

What I think the main problem with Udon is consistency…if anyone else agrees with me…yay…
When Darkstalkers first came out, a second print was needed, but after that, no more second prints. At least that’s from what I can remember. I think it was consistency that brought sales of the comics down. If you can’t release a comic monthly (like they did with the original 6 street fighter comics) then it’s difficult to capture a group of fans that wants one a month.

I dunno if my theory is right, but when you have to wait months for another comic, it’s not worth it. Of course, for us, we want anything related to capcom games, but all in all, we’d prefer monthly releases like they used to when they were with Devil’s Due Publishing.