What's ur favorite move after a KO

im bored so i would like to know what’s ur favorite move after a KO. i play ken and i usually like to do f.RH, b.MK, finish with b.throw like to finish with HP shoryuken and taunt.

Everytime I chip a tall character to death, I jump up and come down with a hard kick. Fatality.

the win pose

uriens chop to your nugget and yun far fierce

Ibuki’s f+HK, s.LP or taunt.

kill somebody with short or jab end with sean’s f.hk

Jump jab

any juggle that wouldnt normally work in a match


if the person dies due to a light attack, chip damage or is close and in a juggle state, I normally hit a button that can be cancelled into taunt when it hits the opponent. Fun stuff.

hard kick with Q and like with ryu if you hadouken cancel and if the hadouken kills mash out the super.

with characters if they have a fist pump victory move like shoto d.fierce, oro close mp or dudley, s.mk or go for corpse juggle

i forgot cr.fierce x taunt with urien

As Q, if I have an opportunity to do an action after the KO, I usually crouch, cause I think it’s badass. Time to sit down, booya.

The Boot with Alex, if I kill with a jab. With Chun I usually taunt, with Dudley I’ll do just about anything, but usually just taunt.

Nothing. Just stop whatever combo you might’ve been doing and stand there.

if i make a stand k.o …only walk and change side

with ken back throw into SAIII
Yun chip death dive kick into them
Ryu taunt over their head
Dud chip death into crouching roundhouse

You still do that shit? ahahaha goddamn sebastian

Would that make it look like ryu shits on them? :smiley: