What's with all the scrub's?

TLDR: its to easy to beat EVERYONE, besides the rare few, i know the games new but it seems like other fighting games launch with stronger players.

ive had the game for 3 days and only played ranked for 2… im ranked 80, it’s not because im great or anything, it’s mainly because i had a 33 streak and out of those 33 fights… 4 or 5 of them where people who actually blocked and zoned and knew tag out combo’s.

i know the games only been out for a few days but most of the people i fought today didn’t block half the time or even know anything… mostly everyone was like this, and i fought waaaaaaaaaay more then 33 fights today.

is this the norm for fresh fighting games? or is this one riddled with noobs?


Yeah I thought I was going to get smashed when I went online…no one knows how to block crossups, overheads with Heihachi, or anything. The new guys will be weeded out soon enough.

What’s with all the scrubs that can’t pluralize words and start stupid threads?**

Honestly its people like you who don’t do anything at all to help the fighting game community. Instead you just belittle anybody whenever given the opportunity. People play the game because its fun, not for competition. Don’t make it discouraging for anybody else playing the game. People who are definitely new to the game want a good experience so they stick around with it. If you discourage them then you’re just adding on to the number of people ruining the fighting game community.

bring on the hate, BRING IT!

ooooh sorry mr sensitive, but how am i discouraging anyone? im saying theres allot of noobs… oh noooo hopefully some newbies dont see this thread or else they’ll quit, don’t be stupid.

It’s a new franchise and you’re playing during week one. A lot of the serious players are still putting in lab time.

You’re playing a new Capcom game. Joe Shmoe army is out.

did you read it all? i know this much, it just seems like everyone is able to be beat by walk forward lp lp lp lp lp, or cross ups and stuff.

very simple easy to block stuff

What I want to know is why the fuck is every new player mashing crouch heavy kick/sweep during block stun/strings/attacks. Holy shit I wish this game had FADC, would bait and dash in grab that stuff because it mind screws them so hard. But grabs are slow now so it wouldn’t work anyways. Just annoying because I have a bad connection sometimes and when my stuff drops I get swept lol.

Most people who pick up fighting games don’t think they have depth behind them. There’s your answer. Go to a tournament to see real gameplay.

lol this is what im talking about, people have been doing stuff that makes no sense to me all day.

You should be happy that you’re getting enough match.
Casuals will either drop soon or either learn how to play. A week hasn’t passed yet ffs <_<

nailed it

Yeah. I’m going to chill from ranked for a bit, it’s getting me into bad habits. Because so many people press buttons, I can continue to use pinwheel despite not getting a hit confirm out of juri’s crouch medium kick cancel to fire ball to another medium kick to pinwheel. People just mash after the second medium kick so I get a counter hit. Also, there were a few matches that I won with Juri by just down backing and letting my opponent jump at me literally 8 times in a row and I won off of her crouch mp/ AA. >_>

im a troll because i like it when people get annoyed over nothing? then hell yea i am, i love it when people like you cry over nothing

are you playing Rolento? that could be part of your problem!