What's with all the trolling?


Why does the 3S board have more trolling and shit posting than any other board on SRK?

Is it the fact that it’s a less played game + no good way to play it online = apathy = trolling?

I mean I try my best to make this place better by posting good threads everyone enjoys, but damn it, it all goes to waste if no one else tries to make this place better with me.


but why is your english different than the inquisitive roshi?


I go to other boards to say 3rd Strike. Kuroda. 3rd Strike. There is Throw invulnerability on wakeup. Its a good game.

roshi goes there for batmangggg

& pubic hairs “Exposed!” Wow you don’t want to put that “Fighting game scene” term after the other topic title he made there.

more 3s mentors plz.
Some old pherai podcasts on the retreading what Japan has that we don’t have yeah, ough Capcom money waving in front of our faces, but the mentor approach doesn’t happen all too much for whatever reason (if its cash prizes again, to the winner go the spoils). Everyone can learn from everyone if they’d put their “hardass online personailty” shit to the curb.


More copycats last night, Alfred, with guns. I am considering hiring them and taking the weekend off.


Ahhh I get it. Inquisitive uses PHP.

Surprised Roshi uses LISP

latter roshi uses assembly.

Closer and closer.


good stuff

I appreciate the help that is out there though. Subscribed to C-Royd Renic and Nica KO, watch everything. everything old, everything new as it comes out. bookmark ESN’s frame data website. watch the Japanese footage as it gets posted. ask a lot of questions here. sometimes people post really detailed cool answers, sometimes they tell you to go look it up for yourself. lol.

it’d be awesome if everyone had a local arcade and a 3s guru to take you under their wing. glad we’ve got the resources that we have though. whenever I meet someone on XBL who messages me about improving I send 'em here and all the aforementioned places.

when you talked about 3s to the ST guys after Evo and they said “you guys don’t have people willing to teach new people the game” or whatever. I disagree. you just have to look for it.