What's with people making lobbies in ranked and not readying up?

Either they make a lobby and don’t ready or they make a lobby and kick you out as soon as you join?? What’s the deal? -____-

You’re playing a game where the vast majority of players are kiddies and sociopaths. Some will kick you because you beat them, some will kick you because you don’t ‘measure up’ to their skill level. Some will kick you because it will ruin their chances at boosting their rankings. People like me only kick someone if they show a yellow bar or worse, which unfortunately means most South American, Australasian, or European players.

Sometimes i have a lobby up and then have to take a whizz or something, or go stir the food i’m making or whatever. It isn’t always something born out of ill will :slight_smile:

There are some players who will never press ready simply because it is yellow bars or worse. (even if sometimes yellow and even orange play like green they do not want to press it and find out).

Many will not even give you a rematch if it was a close game because they know they got lucky, even if you wouldn’t call it that.
But there are also players who will kick you because you are a 1-5 point piece of $#!T. (xD happened to me when latif killed my D ryu)
Since points won’t tell you how good the player really is. When you are A or higher there is no point risking losing points to someone who is probably A+ without their points where as you can beat some other A+ and get as much as you would have risked.

My philosophy though is you bought the damn game… so play it. I can even understand if I won and you won’t give me rematch but when the opponent wins and still won’t give a rematch is just plain cowardly (unless of course I am a one - five point piece of $#!T )

That’s why I still think ranked should be random. If you don’t like the variability of internet connections (they affect and they annoy EVERYONE) then play endless or don’t play at all. Ranked should be random.

The best way to do this would be a forced random in ranked, with certain provisos set in advance by each player. so before you go into ranked, you set in the menu “no matches above 60ms ping” and/or “no opponents with disconnect rates above 5%.” then the game follows these rules and selects a match from available people out there. hopefully within your skill range but it widens the search if it doesn’t find someone close to you.

so basically similar to Blizzard games but with the ability to control for extra variables that plague fighting games.

it would be extra nice if you could set a disconnect rate no lower than your own. so if you have disconnected 25% of matches… you cannot search for anyone except another player with 25% of higher disconnect. frequent DCers deserve each other.

Out of all of those I’ve only had the second happen to me, and beating the same noob over and over is no fun.

I like it the way it is. Use the quick match option if you prefer that way.

If everyone isn’t doing ‘quick match’ then it’s not random, and thus it’s not the same thing. Routinely getting kicked for the reasons I gave earlier is the opposite of random. The ability to kick at all is not random. The fact that when I use ‘quick match’ I can only be 2nd player, is not random.

For the record, I switch pretty much every other match between home and away, only kicking people with yellow bars. It’s as close to random as I can get, but it’s like the old adage, you can’t be halfway pregnant. It’s either random or it’s not.

With online randomness and lag Ranked match isn’t anywhere near a “pure test of skill” anyway. Modifying the format isn’t going to change very much.

I feel like the online mode would be so much better if there was no scoring nor ranking.