What's with practice mode?



In practice mode, I can’t combo after kunai. It hits them, then they auto block my target combo. But in an actual match, it works just fine, and it’s not because they don’t block, it actually registers as a 5-hit combo. So uh… yeah, what’s the problem with practice mode?


That depends on where it’s hitting them. You can’t really use the dummy to practice meaty kunais into combos because auto block will block as soon as they wake-up from your knockdown.

If you want to practice timing your target combo after you land and hit them, just aim an LP kunai at the dummy’s feet and go from there.


Well I mean, I don’t need any practice anymore, I always pull the combo off in actual matches. I’m just confused by this, is all.


You always need practice, the time you finally believe that you don’t will be the time you lose a match because you flub the inputs. Trainan for life my friend.