What's with the blanka's online?



I dont main blanka or anything… But I had a question. Before that I wanna state what this is about. I don’t wanna get a bad rep or something on the forum, but it’s been bothering me for a while :

Allllllllllllllllll the blanka’s I meet suck. They ONLY spam there specials, electricity, ball ball, that low move (which is easy to punish) And there grab… That’s all they do.

What annoys me is, there are 14,000GP players who only do that and its kinda hard to come by with Ken especially. 6/10 times ending up me loosing, while they do nothing but spam there moves. [I’m not a flowchart Ken thank you]

I have yet to meet a blanka who actually did good.

My main question was so that I won’t get annoyed again, is that all there is to blanka’s game? I don’t main Blanka so I wouldn’t know. But, is using his specials the only thing Blanka can do? I mean, no combos or anything?

I know there probably aren’t a lot of combo’s for blanka though. Hell I even heard Daigo lost EVERYTIME to a certain Blanka by timeout, cause he couldn’t do ANYTHING. And the dude said he played Lame as well ( heard on a podcast )

Sorry if I’m coming across weird or w/e. Or I just don’t have a well enough counter against them T_T But still


Heard that too, about Mizoteru’s blanka. But like a month ago, I saw a video of a japanese tournament and Mizoteru lost to Daigo. Daigo won the last round very easily.


If you are getting owned by blanka’s spamming electricity and bb’s you probally need to spend less time on a forum and more time in practice mode, chances are you are having a huge problem with crossups.


No no, I beat them 50% of the time. I don’t have problems with his electricity though, since I mostly see it coming.

Just overall, all the blanka’s seem to do the same. Just wanting to know if that was all towards his game, cause not all characters have a lot of other stuff they can do.

but yea, I have to read the matchup in the Ken thread a bit better to see what I can do. Tatsu’s miss, Shoryuken is a no no, hadokens can be attacked. Close is electricity, even though there is a way around it.

So it still is kinda hard for him. I just wish I would see something that sets them apart. Since most don’t even block any of my moves, but still get away with it.

But yes I’m not that good yet. No flowchart of course, but I still have to work on my execution and the rest


I play Chun Li and many players try to counter pick me with Blanka after I murder their first character with my Chun. Firstly I see that as being mocked, so I don’t really like that. But anyway over the course of a month or two I learned just to be patient. Even if Blanka gains a lead, be patient until the end of the round. You already know what they will do. Learn how your character can punish Blanka’s moves and be patient. Never fall for the tricks you know will come. You’ll win every time (unless it’s an equally skilled Blanka, then its up to you to out play your opponent).


I’m a good blanka…I’m at about 21K on psn …I don’t spam moves, you have to play really smart with blanka, I play by being what’s called “aggro-smart” basically be aggro with him because IMO that’s the type of character blanka is, but you can’t be too aggro and do stupid spamming because you will be punished big time as I’ve learned. I also beat one of the top players on PSN …his sagat…he was #1 in G1 at the time, now he’s in SG …wierd name tho…too lazy to look on psn right now but I will be at the tourney in bayside on the 9th to rep the blanka crew!


Go spammer Blanka!

Good Kens destroy my spammer Blanka so I am now forced to combo into electricty and use my crossup game to win in G1. I wish I could go back to G2.


Wow, talk about bigging yourself up.

I think if you are being beat by these shitty blankas just sit back and let him attack you. I presume with you can hit blanka out of his balls with cr.mp and anti air him with dragon punch or uppercut. Focus his rainbow rolls. Let them do all the work and just punish em. In what way are they spamming electricity though? On wake up? On the end of a ball? Or just sitting there spamming it?


if people are beating you with scrubby tactics, it doesn’t mean they’re scrubby. if they see something working, they’re going to keep using it, no matter how cheesy it may be. it’s up to the player to overcome the crappy tactics. if not, get ready to be cheesed to death.


Ehh all depends…alot of Blanka’s combo’s do lead into Electricity…maybe all your paying attention to is the balls and electricity that come at the ends of their combos…but yes i have also seen ALOT of scrubby blanka’s on CM mode on live that i tear up with my own Jimmy…


I found I ran into more scrubby players than good who kept falling for hop > sweep > hop > sweep and mix-up a throw, I got many messages from that. It totally threw off my game when I ran into someone good who actually punished.

I blame the sea of srk-wakeup Ryus, Kens, and Sagats.


when you knock down a blanka go into sweep range and hold a down back, when he gets up sweep. i always do this and it always pisses them off. half the time they arent event blocking for some reason


I post alot on the xbox.com forums and We’ve discussed this there too…It seems that when u play scrubby people u tend to play a lil worse than u would vs a good or better player… u start building like lil routines off of CM mode becuz of the usual tactics that the spammers use.


for me when the try to jump on me…cross me up they get the electric…which im trying to learn new tactics…and what not…but i consider my self decent…


blanka is just a tricky player… ive played with good players and they dont spam moves. the one that annoys me is ken players. they just bust shoryukens the whole day. they get lucky and kick you outta the lobby knowing you’ll beat them the second match


Wow blanka’s really make me even sicker now… 3 times met them at finals, and they got no skill… They just spam there specials, that low move and that’s it… SOO Annoying. Everyone other I fight I have to use skill vs skill, but he just spams specials and gets away with it :L

Maybe theres some secret way to beating them, but this is ridicilous. Blanka is def on my hate list ._.

Keep meeting digdoggy, and some others. : I just wanna go to finals and NOT meet a blanka or zangief. Although I can handle every character, but blanka’s…


Most Blankas online are not good at all. Also, lag is a plus in regards to reacting to Blanka balls, it is a lot harder to react properly online.


As aggrivating as this is, true dat! I find myself getting super pissed when they do the same sh!t over and over but if it works, more power to em. Play to win, right? I can be all pissy all I want, call em scrubs and curse their gamertag, but at the end of the day, they beat me. Up to you to be the bigger person and change it up.


I use Blanka a lot and when I was first getting into him I used a lot of random slides from max range, stupid rainbow balls, etc. It worked, so I kept doing it. I don’t care if win via cheese tactics, and they aren’t very hard to beat. Probably not telling you anything you haven’t heard but seriously go into training mode, record blanka doing his ball and learn how to hit him out of it. After you figure out how to counter all Blanka’s cheese on reaction you can just hang back and let them impale themselves on your fist over and over.


This. Thus why I prefer to have sessions with people nowadays. About the majority of players online: if they find a way to win, and keep winning (regardless of how it’s achieved), they’ll keep doing what they’re doing. Just study the match-up, be patient, and play smart.