Whats with the lack of k-joe info/useage around here?

his forums are basically empty, and i never see anything about him anywhere. does he suck balzac or something?

The only time I hear about Joe tournament wise is VDO with P-Joe. As far as why he isn’t used more I’m not sure. He has a lot of great tools.

no kidding, he has the best slide, wicked powerful supers, awesome dp. i dont understand why there is so little interest.

k joe is lacking a ground game. c joe is better imo. dash rc hands/grab is too good. and decent level 2 cancels don’t hurt either.

i think a ground game is the only kind of game any groove joe has. in k he has his run,which only helps his ground game, and his raged supers do insane damage

Not if there blocked. :X

hahahah, of course thats the thing, he really doesn’t combo into supers. but they pretty much shut down your opponents jumping game

he can combo into super, especially the rush one, withh good stuff, like cr.jab x2 cr.mpxx super or just cr.jab. He can also far standing rh into the rush super. Not from the tip but from pretty far away.

he’s got a good slide, but i wouldn’t say the BEST slide…there are plenty of slides that are better…blanka, bison, vega, rolento comes to mind.

low jump doesn’t seem to do much for joe in my mind, so maybe that’s why you don’t see joe much in k. plus i think his dash is better than his run.

Geese shuts down joes slide with standing :mk:. :smiley:

Hmmm didn’t know he could do far s.roundhouse super, i usually use s.mkxxxsuper to punish a whiffed move like shoto sweep

His jab FB is also the fastest in the game, as far as total amount of frames is concerned. It’s right up there with Shin Akuma’s FB. I love getting people to jump over it, then doing the double hurricane super.