Whats with the players online?

I noticed in this game, the majority of people hate to lose. If they lose twice in a row, they will leave the match.

Like one dude we went even for 10 games with silky smooth connection(landing bnb and hd cancel combos) then he left. I then noticed he made another room and I asked him why he didn’t want to continue playing. He just said, “Man you’re too good.”

Wtf? We were going even and he rather vs people easier than me so he can beat them up? I’m assuming he didn’t want his win rate(80%) to go down… Whats the point in playing a fighter if you want easy wins?

I enjoy fighters the most when I’m playing someone better than me, because I learn so much more from the experience. ugh I don’t get it. It’s not like it even cost a fucking quarter to continue playing, and people back then had the drive to keep chucking quarters into the machine to get better.

Probably need to play people offline, but nobody plays this game at a reasonable distance lol.

I don’t think its a game specific thing. if it makes you feel any better, I once went for 10 matches in a row, with the same guy, and I lose about…all ten of them, haha.

people can be self conscious over losing. its dumb, and they should get over it.

I will say as a new player it gets frustrating dealing with people who are clearly long-time veterans, especially when even a little bit of lag makes it difficult to respond to high-low mixups and you’re eating 40% combos off a low B.

That said when I’m going even, or even barely losing I try to stay as long as possible as IMO that’s the only way to improve.

Personally, I enjoy playing people in the same skill area as me, but playing someone just a little bit better than you can become annoying if you can’t pick up on there crap. I’m having a bad game day…lol.

People have different priorities when playing games. For some, winning comes first, regardless of if that becomes detrimental to their overall ability to consistently win and grow. I can not really fault those people because maybe for them fighting games are not that big of a deal.

I have been on the receiving end of a 15+ match beat down in AE and the person messaged me asking why I kept playing him. Obviously to this guy it was weird that I did not cut out and run when I lost so badly to him. But that is the thing, for him he kept playing cuz he was winning, I kept playing because although I was getting wrecked, I was learning a lot about his playstyle of characters and what my faults were.

I can only attribute this with generational differences (Warning: old man rant approaching!). Most games made now a days hold your hand so much that there is never a chance you can really lose. You died 3 times? That is fine, you have infinite continues. You can not proceed because it is too hard? Well we can adjust the difficulty mid game. You are facing an opponent online who is evenly matched or better than you? Well, only thing you can do is quit and fight someone else, because there isn’t an option yet to make you a better player automatically.

This post is the truth. People are such babies these days. I got randomed out last night by two players who immediately quit after winning a single match in endless.
These people aren’t playing to get better; they don’t see anything to gain from learning from someone who’s more skilled than you.

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This is true especially if I play a higher “ranked” player and they lose to me they won’t play me again or if they had a hard time against me.

Where can I get a nice pair of Nostalgia goggles from?

be glad, 10 games is longer than the average ggpo player will play with you

From what I’ve seen, it seems like a very large majority of players just mash stuff mindlessly and ragequit if it doesn’t work. It’s really frustrating to deal with along with the input lag. I’ve actually found a few really playable connections, but they always led to ragequits when I started bodying them.

Probably your area. Around the socal area(I’m assuming these are the 3-4 bar matches since I’m in socal) most players know the basics, and some of them do advance stuff. But yeah… unless you get at least a 3 bar match, it’s tough to do hd combo stuff.

But a dude in texas that I get 2 bars with is quite playable also… surprisingly.

Dunno. For me, instead of ragequitting I just rageplaying. I just get so urgh that I never want to stop playing them and will keep playing until I win. And when I win, I just want to win more then get streaked on again. When 0-72 against Ishace on GGPO in 98. Daimon/Takuma mannnnnnnnnnnnnn. But yeah, I wish there were more people like me so I can actually get some games.

probably wasn’t learning nothing fighting you. he said you was too good so maybe he wasn’t getting anything out of it but getting his ass whooped?

We were dead even.

Well after thinking about it… I guess I can some what understand why. Maybe it was too stressful for him to be in serious game mode to win matches, or maybe he wants to vs easier players so he can test out other things also.


Personally I’ll just play the shit out of anyone that’s at my level or better. Playing people that’s a lot worse than you are typically gets boring when they get blown up from the same stuff over and over.

I only notice a shit load of people picking Shoto characters, running away, spamming projectile, and doing SRK/Super/Neomax on wakeup.

They are called “Desperation Moves” (except in the command list where they are called “Super Special Moves”)

10 game set is usually normal for players to run, and maybe he just wanted to play another person equally skilled instead of the same person. Not saying he probably didn’t want to grind his wins vs. the lower skilled, but just a thought.

I had people saying “Man you’re too good.” a few times. One ended up going on my friends list. The other day I played him started goofing off trying to learn more offensive techs basically making the game challenging while letting him get some combos off and letting him win a hard fought match. I get to learn to work around certain stuff while being more offensive, he gets ti feel good about beating me and getting his stuff to work. After one match he quits and says:

online is dumb. you always roll throw sweep and i can never punish. well try again post patch

A backstory here is I’ve been hated on cause the new breed of players are going into mission mode, learning combos, then figuring they’re going to beat the crap outta everybody like they did in MVC3. They come to find out it takes more then learning combos to win at this game. One such person I let run at me all day and did flip kicks w/ Benimaru or Kim all day for easy wins. Well he was pissed at me and ripped me for not knowing any combos when I saw no point in being offensive on an overly offensive person. With this person I thought to make a match by being more aggressive when they want to do the same combos.

Back to the main story, this made me scratch my head. I went for combos, fought aggressively tried to make sure everyone was having fun. Why was he so pissed? Then it occured to me. No matter what you do if you are evasive (which is a major thing in KOF) the newbies won’t like you cause this style is not what Capcom has taught them. Spamming fireballs doesn’t work. Combos aren’t automatic. Punishing moves is not automatic. Until the newbies get used to this new style of play, the older gamers are just going to hear crazy crap like this.

Heh, maybe I should start playing some of you guys. I’ve had some nasty losing streaks before. 40 straight losses vs Emil in KOF 02. 30 matches straight losses vs RagingStormX in A2. 16 matches straight losses vs Savaii in 3S.