What's with the weird/random thread titles for banned troll account threads?


Hi, just wanted to see if a mod or someone informed could answer this. After the troll Sherry thread in the GD, I noticed that the title had been changed after the OP was banned. I’ve also seen a few threads in odd places (KOF board, I think) with similar odd titles. Can anyone tell me why this is if they know?


Not a mod or more in the know but just observing too. I believe the troll thread changed that title themselves before they were banned. It wasn’t like a mod changed it, like they did for the SCV youtube “vote for this” bait thread with a title saying SRK is depressed or whatever it was, in FGD forum.

There’s also some exploit that was reported or talked about at least with threads made many years ago like you’ve noticed and a spambot can get in there and mess it up somehow. Magic the Gathering thread in General, Megaman thread, etc.

The Username is listed as “unknown” with the yellow and red default avatar and is only created for you or something, when you click those threads and you see that account being created “a few seconds ago.” So it was dormant, or a database entry error until then I guess.