What's wong w/Wong?


I consider myself pretty new to the scene (only been paying the genre for about a year or so now) and the more I watch top player’s to learn better the more I’ve notice a certain hatred towards Justin Wong. I usually see a lot of negative feed back from his matches in comment sections off of YT and in the forums. To me he seems like a really solid player and I can’t understand why people seem so defensive when he is mentioned. What’s wrong with this kid people?




He does not tip



Hahaha fuckin thread. It really is this.


Could be jealousy but I don’t see as many hater’s when mentioning Daigo.


There is similar Daigo hate based on what I’ve seen, but 1/2 of the people who hate Justin out of jealousy probably like Diago just because he’s Japanese and “made a fool” of Justin by parrying him.


Speaking of Justin Wong, i just want to say Happy Fathers day to his dad…





the comment section of yt should be taken with a grain of salt like this thread


True but when you consistently see it I want to know what’s going on.


sum tin wong, op?


Daigo’s from glorious Nippon. Don’t get it twisted.

It’s whatever tho. If people are hating on you it means your doing something right. He ran a train on Mine tonight in NCR Marvel Finals so the hate will continue to be strong.


lol are you new to the internet or something? anyone with some degree of fame has haters.


i’ll bite.

i used to absolutely hate jwong as a player from my frist start in fighting games (04).

the reason being is that at that era, he was A NOTORIOUS TURTLE. BORING AS SHIT



i typed that out three times for a reason. go ahead and watch the full daigo/wong parry sets of matches.
you’ll notice that not once does justin wong move into attacking range.
he stays back and lets daigo initiate.
he turtled in 3s
and he turtled in marvel2.
and he turtled in cvs2.
and go ahead and look up tokido vs. justin wong at evo 2002 and see how stays at the back of the screen and does a bunch of b.fierces. yes tokido did the same, but cmon man, theres a reason why THE OTHER PLAYER INVOLVED in such lame-ingout was wong.

it wasnt just turtling like what people complain about in casual/online. it was EPIC CHAMPION NINJA TURTLES turtling. the likes of which were probably only equaled by ricky ortiz at the time (who is probably less hated because he was overall less successful)

he was good cuz he was lame. he was hated cuz he was lame.

but now he doesnt play like that anymore so i dont care.




QFTW! I been around forever and that was my only reason to disliking his game back then. He played so fucking gay, then at the UCLA MvC2 tournament where he beat David L in finals. He came up to me and said. “You’re ruin right? I heard you don’t respect me cause I play gay” I said “Yup” and he said “watch, I’ma rush down this time”

and after that he started playing less gay overall i think. :smiley: But in general people now just hate him cause he’s the best in usually whatever game he plays.


Just a quick fix on that.


Which is ironic considering this seems to be no longer the case. He’s been getting raped in Super a lot recently, while he did reassert some of his dominance in MvC3 at CEO, Tokido wasn’t present, nor were a decent amount of other top players. And MK…yeah…

He’s always an elite player, but he hasn’t been THE BEST since MvC2/early MvC3 (though if he wins EVO, he can for sure mark himself as the best MvC3 player).


Somebody in this thread hasn’t played a serious match of any fighting game. It’s you.