What's wrong with being naked?


Apparently, a lot.



With great power, comes great lacerations.


I try not to wiggle when I hang out in the nude. I tend to leave smelly skid marks.


Bloody streaker. Lol. :rofl:


Fuck spiders. And don’t none of you “it’s bad luck to kill one” faggots say anything.


I wonder what I’d think when seeing someone like that. “He just had a harem of virgin sisters and then got chased out by their dad”?


Fuck Spiders.



That spider must have been one giant motherfucker.


I think spiders are kinda cool. :U


I hate spiders. I can understand why he ran. I wouldn’t have left the house without dressing though.


Was hoping this thread was about the joys of being naked.

I wanted to share my hobby of walking around naked at home and doing air kicks.


Everything. with your unsightly and disgraceful unmentionables hanging and swinging like that. No dignity, and no shame. its a affront to my glorious skywizard.


When I was younger I used to streak, flash and spread my ass in front of cars on a main road in town in front of a coffee shop.

Being naked feels good man.


spiders are great for eating mosquitos and other scummer insects

nothings wrong with being naked. winter was invented by clothing companies to sell clothes


I sit on my balcony naked sometimes like ODB


Never heard of that one before.


What’s wrong with being naked?
Cuts to your erogenous zones when running through plate glass.

Accidental pregnancy.


I am always naked or wearing a banana hammock.
Clothes just aren’t comfortable.


You’re Borat?


We’re all laughing, but that spider is laughing loudest. That cold calculated mother fucker knew exactly what the fuck he is doing when he did it. It wasn’t a matter of IF it was going to happen, just a matter of WHEN it would happen. Anyone of you could have been caught slipping, naked, sleeping next to a glass door, anyone. Fuck spiders.