What's wrong with my printer?

I’ve been getting these weird lines that show up on printed paper I use, it’s an HP Laserjet 1000 series BW, it is kind old?(6-7 years old).

do I need new a ink cartridge or a new printer likely?

there is a ghost living in it.

did it just randomly make those huge splotches or did it gradually get worse?

New printer is always the best option. It just reminds me of some crazy horrors.

New drum.

Yeah, that’s what it looks like to me. Since the printer is discontinued you may find it hard to locate a drum. At this point though, there are great laser printer options to be had for under 150 bucks, so it’s probably worth your time to just go ahead and replace it. I’ve got the older version of this:

And I’ve been very happy with it. Toner’s affordable through Amazon (about 45 bucks) and the printer has not let me down once.

You can always try opening it up and cleaning it out a bit, but tbh you’re really better off getting a new printer these days.

Check newegg.com They have a samsung monochrome laser printer for $60 shipped, and a color laser printer for $150 shipped…

yeah i guess i’ll just buy a new one this one has taken a beating and now all the paper comes out with this, professors probably won’t be to happy if i turn a paper in with this on it :rofl: