What's wrong with my stick?

I have a se madcatz arcade stick for the ps3, I was sure it was the pcb, after reading threads about the ps3 version anyway after moving the usb cable around a message would pop up saying USB MAXIMUM POWER OUTPUT REACHED that makes me wonder it’s the usb cable, if so where would I replace it? and anybody else had this problem?

It’s not the stick but more likely the USB ports on the console.

The title of this thread almost killed me. Like d3v said, try it on a PC then use hardware manager to check.

I’m pretty sure there’s a short inside the cable (happens when you twist them often), the PS3 detects the abnormal consumption and refuses to connect the stick.
You can try different cable positions and see if it “fixes” the problem. If that’s the case, you can enjoy this cable a little more if you want but there will be a time when you won’t be able to bear the error message any longer, and you will need someone to change the USB cable for you (assuming you can’t do it yourself).