Whats wrong with my stick?

So I’ve had a round 2 TE for a while with the usual wear and tear, but recently its really been bothering me.

My joystick is feeling really loose, more loose than a lot of my friends that have had theirs longer. I understand that they wont always be as crisp as when you first get them but the handle is real jiggly and the ball top is wiggling around a lot more than it should be.

I took off the bottom and stuck a screwdriver in the bottom and turned it back on tighter to try and fix it but it worked for all of about 10 minutes. Is there anything else I can do in order to get the joystick feeling more crisp and reactive?

I play rufus and its so bad that it sometimes throws off my divekicks, so it is getting super frustrating. =/

Any help is appreciated!

Get threadlock for the ball and a new spring for the stick.

The learn to not mash.

maybe thats what I get for having balrog be my first character =/

where would be the best place to get this stuff?

and thanks for the info yo

Beside of a new jlf spring, you can buy an additional seimitsu ls 33 spring and put them both ! in your stick, makes the stick even a little bit more stiffer ( the ls 33 spring is the weakest spring on the market, so it adds a little bit more stiffness, not dramatically, otherweise chose the ls 55 spring).

cool, thanks so much. So if I order the Is 55 and doubled it up with my other spring it would be a lot more stiff? Also, is it pretty easy to change out? I didnt remember actually seeing the spring when i took the bottom off of mine.

and what is a threadlock? I googled it and cant find anything for joysticks haha.

thanks again for the help

getting an LS-33 spring will make it a lot crisper.
i have this setup on every JLF i own.

Threadlock is used to keep screws/bolts from coming loose.

Get loctite blue (medium strength)… Red is the high strength stuff and you dont need that


You can get springs and other replacement stuff from lizardlick.com

That’s not a spring issue. The lubrication on the bearing might be dried off and the motion is taking some of the pivot gradually, causing and increasing the jiggly. I recomend you to relub the bearing base with Shin-Etsu G-40M or Dow Molykote 44 with a new pivot cylinder. That should definetly fix the problem.