What's wrong with my TE Fightstick?!?

Hello SRK members, so today I was playing like i normally do, everything was working fine and all of a sudden I turn on my ps3 to play again and my PS3 doesn’t even recognize the fightstick. I’ve had this for almost 3 years and never had a problem with it. After I had a session of about 30 endless fights I had night class and turned off the ps3 from the fightstick. I come back from class, turn on the ps3 and my fightstick doesn’t work. PS3 see’s nothing. I did open it up to see if something was loose but everything was perfectly intact. What might be the problem? Thanks in advance guys!

do you have any lights on the TE? (try activating turbo function)

if not maybe the USB cable is dead and replacing it MAY solve your issue