What's wrong with my wiring?


I’ve been posting here for help with my first stick mod, putting an Xbox PCB into my old Agetec Dreamcast stick. I just wired up the A button to see if I have any major problems, and it isn’t working, and I don’t know why.


The first and last images are pictures of my solder joints. Does anything look amiss here? I soldered directly to the pads, because it didn’t seem like I could scrape anything away, and they took solder well. The pads are more silvery than copper-colored in real life, though.

The middle two images are of the two QD connections from the button to the PCB–I just crimped on male/female QDs to connect the original Dreamcast wiring to my new wires.

Can anyone tell me why the button isn’t working? http://burauzaa.com/joystick2/images/inside1.jpg - This is a picture of the stock stick before any mods.


Pics are kinda blurry but your solder might be bridging the “fingers” of the traces. If you cut the traces right down the middle of the circle with a hobby knife it will break the connection and allow your button to work normally. Worth a try if you don’t want to de-solder and start over.


Nope, that wasn’t it. Just did what you suggested, no change. Any other ideas?

Sheesh, I was just starting in on this. I’ve only hooked up the A button, and I don’t know how I’ve managed to fuck it up already :slight_smile:

Edit: I just grabbed a button that was lying around and loosely hooked it up to the wires coming from the PCB. Still nothing, although the QDs were too big for the button, so it might not have had a good connection anyway.


Woop, figured it out. Didn’t occur to me that the other pad I soldered might need to be cut as well. I didn’t know a bridged ground on one pad would affect them all.


Have you tried just activating the button itself? Determine if it is the button or the pad. Seems like you need to do more research based on the questions and how you ask about scraping off the pads… This is your… Third thread?


Am I not supposed to make threads to ask questions? I thought Tech Talk was for helping people mod sticks and stuff like that. Anyway, I’ve done a lot of research, but a lot of this stuff just isn’t obvious when you have no prior experience with wiring and stuff like this. It never would have occurred to me that it was okay to just cut a line down the middle of the pad, even after reading about how to cut traces on PCBs.

And my last thread was because I was having trouble soldering things together, which ended up being because of the soldering gun being a piece of shit and not staying hot. I don’t even know how to check for something like that–I noticed the solder wasn’t melting, but I couldn’t say for certain that my newbie ass wasn’t just doing something wrong. If I didn’t try using a buddy’s soldering iron, I’d still be stuck there.


people are getting upset because all of this can be put in one thread, which ultimately could have just been resolved by searching.


I guess people should just disable the new thread button because they seem everything can be put in one thread.


rofl. That would suit many, many people very well.

You made me laugh.