Whats wrong with the sound?


No matter how I change the settings, the characters are all very quiet, not to mention dull looking compared to the background.

I’m gonna have a problem if I can’t get Terry yelling “Power Wave!!!” at full blast.


DUDE SERIOUSLY! The cheering of the crowds in the background is waaaaayyyy louder than the punches or sound effects. I tried messing with sound options too, no luck. What gives? I’m glad I’m not the only one. Seriously, I thought this was supposed to be SNK’s big come back, but shit seems a little shady so far.

Compared to SFIV I currently think the sounds are absolutely awful. Maybe it’s just the mix.


It really depends on the speakers that you’re using.
I tried the game on 2 different TV’s, one with loud background noise, the other one sounds perfectly normal.


not sure if serious…


The attacks sounds more louder than the voices.
Loudest to softest.
Hits - Voices - Crowd

Must be the TV…


I got mine on a surround system and it’s pretty fine. The characters aren’t TOO quiet, but I agree they could be louder.


Man for me it’s so fucked up sounding. Here’s my list from loudest to most quiet.

Weird sounds from the crowd > Voices > Music > Hits.

If it’s my speakers, then it’s my speakers, but I have no adio problems with any other fighting games, SFIV, BB, Garou, SamSho Anthology, HD Remix, Blah blah blah.


Just turn the BGM/Stage Music down to 10 or 12 and keep the SE’s at 15.