Whats your best Sagat Combos / setups?

Just wondering what setups people are using with Sagat out there…when posting be groove and even if so ratio specific…This fool has so many good moves…combos…supers…and basic traps it’s crazy…So post your strats so we all can be better Sagat players…


Combo wise, to be really neat and cool: s.Jab x3, c.Forward xx Lvl 3 Tiger Shot

if u pick the p-grove and are good at perring u may perry and use a super. sagat is somewhat cheap all hes jumpo and attack can have a super hot after it. But u really have to be good at perrying and it might not work and experianced players.

i usually try and do a jumping crossover short, s. jab, s. jab, c. forward, either a super fireball or qcb x2 k.

In A-groove the tiger knee is a good setup to go into a cc.

With Sagat…(and I been playing him for EONs)you gotta use his legs ALOT !!I mean, he’s a kickboxer! that fierce kick is nasty and if you can learn to cross that up …you got a dizzy opponent…after that its TIGER RAID!!! or my personal fave TIGER GENOCIDE!!!..
would you believe theese same tactics work for Blanka, RYU, Haomaru and a gang of others its not just him its thge timing involved …because some opponents think they get your timing down they got you …just start the kick late and launch it deep into the back of the neck region, then you can land at just the right spot to land the crossup and sweep that AZZ!

Imma go sweep that azz motha-fucka!

wats a good CC for sagat??
an anti-air one please…
sumthing easy to do

K-groove Sagat, ratio 1.

If you knockdown with a tiger uppercut, run up to the downed opponent, fierce tiger knee for a cross over. Usually followed with another tiger uppercut upon landing.

s.lp x2, lk tiger knee.

c.lk x2, c.mk, mk low tiger shot

c.fp, level 3 low tiger cannon

s.lp, c.lk x2, Tiger Raid

low jump RH, s.fp, lp tiger uppercut(more damage with lp).

In my opinion, Sagat isn’t really a extensive combo character, although he does obtain some very damaging and very SIMPLE links and combos.

The way you play your Sagat depends totally on your opponent and their character. His ground poking game is amazing, as are his anti-air capabilities.

best pokes: standing fp, crouching fp, standing mk, crouching mk.

The person jumps in and attacks. You activate and do jab uppercut, s.fierce, roll, repeat until in corner s. fierces or if you can j. r.houses and fierces till the end and super standing fireball.

I like hitting with a fierce tiger uppercut. Then as soon as you land, do two light tiger knees, and then either low super or tiger uppercut. It crosses up.

Burghy and Muaythai:

Your “White Knight playing CvS2 and owning up a whole bunch of shitty people at Final Round 5” strategy is Puerto Rican-rific (ie. it sucks). Imma go take a Puerto Rican shower now you guys have inspired me so much. Tiger knee… Tiger knee… Tiger UPPERCUT!!! (motha-fucka…)

What else do you do with your meter when it’s about to run out? Random cr fierce -> low tiger shot?

Sagat guard break CC in A = too good.

Burghy: When your meter is running low, it’s usually nothing to panic about. Sagat can connect nearly any super off of a jumping attack, or his crouching lk/mk. If you play a groove with a run, I would simply mix-up different standing and crouching kicks. If you land a crouching lk, perform Tiger Raid. If you connect a standing RH, after the first hit, Tiger Genocide.

You just told the guy to combo each super accordingly on reaction to a c.LK and the first hit of the s.HK… think about it…

Is that something you practice yourself? Training mode doesn’t count btw. If so, then omg… you have to teach me your superhuman reflex skills. They’re way too good. :lol:

What kind of bullshiet is this?

if you see a C.lk connect, super on reaction? YEAH BUDDY.

hmmmmmm. must be a robot playing if they have these quick ass reactions. oh wait nevermind he is a jedi. that would have to explain it. i mean come on a c.short comes out in 10 frames or less. there is no way you can react that fast.

That sounds good, I will try it.
I play K groove.

Also, my reactions are crappy (for example, I can’t option select his cr fierce -> super). If I can, I try to do a hop roundhouse low super, but sometimes they can run away from the rage in time.

Thanks for the help.

kcxj: lol, you always have some mildly insulting and sarcastic replies to posts (although you’re right)

If your meter is running out just empty low jump in front of them. Hope they block low for a tiger raid then throw them. You don’t risk much and you’ll look brilliant. That’s my contribution

What do you guys use as B&B??? I’ve seen people use a few different B&B combos for him, the most common being c.LK, s.LP, HK Tiger Crush. I use c.LK, s.LP, c.MK, HK Low Tiger Shot. It does a bit less (about 100 difference), but I’ve seen the Tiger Crush miss at some distances. Plus, the B&B serves as a GC string too, so it make things less complicated.