What's your best Yama Combos / setups?

Just wondering what setups people are using with Yama out there…when posting be groove and even if so ratio specific…This fool has so many good moves…combos…supers…and basic traps it’s crazy…So post your strats so we all can be better yama players…


I’ll start with his basic bread and butter combos:

Any Groove:

l.jabx2, dust kick, serpent slash.
s.fierce, dust kick, serpent slash.

Also one of my favorites is after yama counters someone in the corner(yama facing corner), he can combo right into the super guillotine.

C groove:

Will he do more dmg if you cancel his lvl 2 guillotine super into dust kick, serpent slash? Can someone test this out?

Standing roundhouse.

my favorite is running low jump short kick, Drill:cool: i play K Yama

My fav is kick dust build meter…roll do any random move…jump back land…kick dust…HK…random serpent slash…kick dust…anything…just make it RANDOM…lol:lol: :lol:


I also like c. jab x2, run, stop, Drill:lol:

I haven’t actually tested this out… but if u were to time it rite before he throws them up in the air… u could do dust kick serpent slash, but that’s too risky and u may risk whiffing the dust kick… i think it better to just throw out a SP serpent slash after he throws them up… plus u still have lvl1 for… j. sk, Drill:cool: :lol:

I started C-Yamazaki recently, and I’ve been trying this ghetto ass trick. It’s pretty simple but it works like a charm. (I dunno if it’s new to you guys or not)

-Knock the opponent down, and get within throwing distance.
-As he gets up, Roll Cancel a HP Serpent Slash, but keep holding onto HP.
-Tap LK to cancel the Serpent Slash and immediately do his Command Grab super (Preferably Lv2/Lv3).
-If the opponent attacks (he’ll most likely poke at you, in an attempt to get you out of his face), his attack will whiff, he’ll notice the roll-cancel and will instinctively block, eating the super.
-If the opponent chooses to block, he’ll most likely react to the Serpent Slash cancel with a poke. By that time, the invincibility from the Drill kicks in, and he eats the super.

It’s not foolproof, of course. The opponent can still wake-up with a throw, and there is still a split second where the opponent can hit you (6 frames). In any case, it works and it’s hella slick.

EDIT>> I went 2 for 2 with that tactic today. People usually don’t cancel the Serpent Slash so it totally confuses the opponent as to what the hell you’re doing. Their mind freezes and BAM. Super.

Well, first off…I can’t seen to cancel the Guillotine super (AA) until it throws you up in the air after the last hit and even if you could cancel it into the Sand Scattering (while they were being dragged along the ground) I don’t think that they would stay grounded for the Serpent Slash to connect. Well, that is unless you can pull a Sai-Rec extended juggle in that situation. Hmmm…I should check that out. Normally, I just cancel it into a (MP) Serpent Slash or if they are close to the corner at the end of the super (MP) Knife Slash which deals more damage.

Now if you were referring to the Drill super (Throw) then yes! That does deal more damage and I use that every time I pull off a level 2 Drill. Just wait until the 8th hit then start doing the motion; the 9th hit will come out when you finally cancel it to the (HK) Sand Scattering xx (HP) Serpent Slash. 11 hits, better damage, good stuff.

But you gotta do it Dr. B style! It fucks people up when they see Yama doing all that craziness! :lol: Yo, B! I’ll see you at Showdown3!


One thing I notice when I see other Yama players is that they keep him real “Dry”…What I mean is that he isnt going crazy but playing real predictable and u know what he’s going to do…Keeping it random by kicking dirt…and always ready for jab combos,command grabs,RS,and annoying them with Anti-Air is the best way to go…I dont use his jumping HP that much but time to time I do…anyone use it alot and have any suggestions on good times to use it and the jumping HK??? Please post it up…caUSE you could be helping someone else out too…


P.S-Wassup Hollywood!..NWO brother…oooooooohhhhh Yeeeeahhhhh!!! :lol: :lol:

I hate being random. Being predictable doesn’t matter as long as they can’t do anything about what you’re doing. :wink:

I still play Yamazaki in N-Groove. I think of switching to C or K, and I try at times, but they need a lot of adjusting on my part. I need roll, run and low jump to play Yama! :lol:

I don’t do a lot of serpent slashes right now, but I am thinking of changing that as it’s a good move to set the opponent up to do some dumb shit to get around it. In any case, it’s great vs. P/K/S anyway.

Probably the moves I use the most are stand roundhouse, crouch fierce, low jab, stand strong, and lowjump short/forward. I’ve taken to liking his jumping roundhouse as it has a kooky hitbox. (Low)jump fierce is good anti-air vs. not-C-groove.

Headbutt is GREAT! Stick it in at a point where the opponent expects to have to block something. It does too much damage and leaves the opponent in a great position.

Yama’s best with super. I try to not break stock too much, as his level 1 grab super is good and it’s easy to break stock and immediately guillotine on reaction to a jump.

More later, must get food…

i play c-groove yama

if you land a lv.2 drill super. count the hits and wait tell it hits 9 then sand kick, serpent slash.(on 10 it hit up and it wount combo).

if you land it by the corner then let it go till it pops em up and then when he comes down do m.p knife. it does more damage.

::amywhere set up::jump in h.k, c.lpx2, and do drill super(wait a split sec for the block stun to end). it works good when your in rush down mode:D

::in the corner set up::jump in h.k, then imediately jumping toward the oppenent h.k goin up into the corner then, land drill super. its very efective aginst those greedy players, who wait for you to land and try to combo.

just some that are very usefull.:smiley:

p.s_cheek my post in the string block thread, on why not to do the serpent slash…:bluu:

i use RK in these situations…

close range… low jump RK is a good quick overhead…

also close range… jump and immediately RK (going up) is a good surprise attack… but i wouldn’t use it unless u are going to kill them with it, because they have all day to counter attack…

hey…i said that

o my bad… well i guess i added the part about ur opponent having all day to hit u back…

ok…you know how usally…you do…::blocking::jabx3, s.hp, hp serpent slash

well try this set up…::blocked::jabx3, s.hp, lk sand kick::it misses:: then role, then grsb super.lol

but you got to do it in one smooth motion…it very good during rush:evil:

Sounds Familiar…!!! lol:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


DR.B: why do you do something like that…i learned that by myself…:lol:

I thought Eddie showed you that gay ass super set-up, it works though, even though you haven’t got that set-up on me:cool: . I’ve seen Eddie rush with Yama, then do a early j.rh, then super hen he lands.:lame:

some what…i kind of thuoght of that but, never did it…

dont lie…i gotthat set up on you at the last tourney at hustin::casual::lol…