What's your blood type?- The Deadpool Combo Thread



What’s going on fellas? (and girls) I have some good if not, great news. I was at work reading the Marvel vs Capcom 3 strategy guide when I ran across something special. I was skimming over Deadpool’s guide when I noticed that he had a 100% combo sitting at the bottom of the list. I found this combo similar to how DarkJake13 found the x-23 x-factor loop. Deadpool’s infinite requires your level 3 x-factor and can be used until the x-factor meter runs out. I have tried it on most characters but It is not confirmed if it will work on sentinel. In the video below I have a tutorial on how to do the infinite. I also have the damage set on low due to the medium settings killing the character to fast by matter of preference.


^^The video above is crap I was also nervous but, its a start hopefully you get the idea of where I am trying to go with this. The setup for the infinite is cr.light, cr. medium, st. hard xx qcf hard and continue with qcf hard until character is dead you also need to time this carefully, I found myself plenty of times going way to fast and missing the character completely. I haven’t seen anything or anyone speak about it so I thought It would be best to post it here. I will also try to lookout for anything else I can cook up in the lab with other characters. Maybe this will come in handy, maybe it won’t I just trying to help the other marvel fiends (such as myself).

Deadpool combos using taunt button

thank you sir


Awesome find dude, this will come in handy.

Edit: do you mind if I put this in my video thread? Credit would go to you of course


good stuff man!


Good show chap!

lmao srs business pimpin!!

heey, gonna be sweet to try comboin l,m,h while in normal gameplay


Good stuff!


Awesome find man.


Cheap as hell. I love it!

I had found the first 4 hits of that combo on my own, but I would always cancel the first quick work right into cuttin’ time. It seems like you could still cancel any hit of the infinite into cuttin’ time if you’re on your opponent’s last character, have almost killed them and want a flashy finish.

Deadpool is on almost all of my teams, he’s so awesome.


Thanks man and I do not mind, I would love for you to share the knowledge about this infinite.


Very nice… although now my win % is wrecked from purposefully trying to win with this XD


good stuff man


Awesome find man, hope you dont mind but i went ahead and uploaded a higher quality version of it, and I credited you in the description.



I don’t think that X-factor infinites should count as infinites.


Not really an infinite if it requires X factor, but still that should make matches a bit easier now.


Nice this is Sick!
i noticed you can heavy attack before going into
quickwork. but i think its only in the corner.
maybe you can do something with it?


Just a quick reminder for everyone Since Deadpool is using the Hunter Series Combo Set he can use standing and crouching attacks interchangeably.

So you could go c.L,c.M,s.H as a set up for this.

Althoguh I haven’t actually tested this it should theoretically work

Command overhaed, Katanarama>Chimichangas,XFC, Quick Work H xN


I thought everyone knew about this already


I love you for showing me this combo.


I have a more in-depth and detailed version of this for anyone to check out



ahhh, thank you, this helps a ton.