What's your computer look like?

here’s mine


got an orange raidmax fan on the side, orange LED round IDE cables, RAIDMAX Scorpio tower, Rainbow light in the back

total = 7 fans, 4 fronts, 2 backs, 1 side panel, and one on processor if you wanna count that for 8 total :slight_smile:

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You registered just to post this?

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P.S.: m1x4h: Cool setup, but what about the monitor/keyboard?


that’s my desktop

http://gamefaqs.servebeer.com/m1x4h/stuff 004.jpg

that’s my actual desk



nice skin m1x4h u use window blinds? hook me up with that skin

hot damn.

that looks as clean and professional as your avatars! :tup:


Mine’s some black and gray thing with lights and wires and all that.

lol, nice robotron

i use res hack and litestep for that look on my desktop