What's Your Educational Background?


I’m curious to see where SRK GD members, or anyone on SRK, falls into education.

You can tell us your schools and major if you like, but I know some people may want to keep that private.

Here goes:

B.A. in Communications/Journalism, minor in English

Went to a Jesuit school in the northeast. It was solid but expensive as all hell. Even with aid, scholarships, and loans, I still had to pay out of pocket a couple of semesters.

And you?


B.S. Biology, minor in Chemistry

University of Pittsburgh (most expensive ‘public’ school in the country).

Have credits towards a Master’s in Epidemiology, on hold for the moment


Where’s the I know how to breathe option


That’s obviously the “No High School Diploma” option.


B.S. in Biomedical Sciences from University of South Florida (Basically free due to FL Bright Futures Scholarship program)

4th yr student in a small caribbean medical school.(pursuing M.D.)


What do you think of your prospects coming out of a Caribbean med school? Not being negative- I just hear mixed reports and don’t have the frame of reference to tell the worst case scenario from the typical scenario.


Got a MSc in Computer Science but other than it being something you can put on your CV its rather meanlingless, you can self teach yourself all of it. Also have a BAHons in Architecture


M.A. in Anthropology with a focus on Archaeology. New Mexico State University


B.S. in Biology with a chem minor, I nearly double majored but knew grad school would be necessary and I had already taken a GPA hit from P chem.
Pharm D. (I chose PhD because you didn’t have an option for doctorates like law as it’s not really a PhD since you don’t have to write a dissertation.)


I tried to get into a master’s program but legit TANKED my GRE. Shit was embarrassing. I haven’t tried since but maybe I should.


Have like zero clue what my degree would be on that list, still bachelor maybe?
13 years of school, 3.5 years of university. It’s Bachelor of Engineering in a special computer science field,
but bachelor in Germany is quite different I guess, based on the school systems.
Going for master in bio-mechatronics, so another 2 years of fun.


I think grad school needs to pass a return on investment. IMO if your employer isn’t going to front the costs and promote you in some way grad school typically isn’t worth it. I know SO many people who went to grad school and got jack shit for it. I started a masters in Bio but quit as soon as I saw guys who were doing change the world research struggle to get a 35K a year job.


I have friends with master’s degrees who are either unemployed or working not so great jobs.


At the last year in high school I opted for Physics, Maths, Chemistry but dropped it due to difficulty.
Went to an Art school for 2 years afterwards,dropped it again.
Settled for Sociology and Philosophy in a uni abroad


None of these. I merely have a diploma. I’m a concept artist for film and games, predominantly games. I was actually quite scared when I first begun my career because of the whole not having a a degree or having gone to a big name school deal. Ironically, while I’m happily employed and have freelance on the side, I have friends with masters in business and engineering that can’t find jobs.


Hope you won’t regret that choice. Maths and Physics are beautiful. Still hard, but if you liked the courses… : /. Chemistry is not my business. ;_;
But having >66% failure rates is quite disheartening, first year was a nightmare for me.
We started with ~50 and after the first year ~20 were left.


Fuck College Loans


I finished high school

then didn’t have money for anything else

can’t remember when was the last time my parents paid for anything. what is it the original playstation thats it :looney:


Graduated in 2001. Made the dean’s list at USM (Portland, ME) before transferring to UNH, where I made honors and dropped out.

I only regret having started.


Associates in Criminal Justice.

Want to go back and get my Bachelors some time soon.