What's your ethnicity?


just curious to see the ratio on GD. Don’t remember one being done in some time


We are all going to vote black even if we aint anyways just to prove a point about srk


Couldn’t think of any more than 5 huh? Indian? What about mixed people? Native American?


Plus being hispanic is not an ethnicity, neither being a latino.


Indians are classified as Asians even though the weaboo crowd here doesnt think so.

Lol at Razor clicking “white”


they can just state it as a comment and I’ll add it as an option


Black people don’t vote so we won’t get much for this poll. :coffee:


According to who? I don’t think some Indian people would agree with that


Random pic of Ramon


idk i thought we had tons of azns and mood told me today that most ppl here are black which was surprising to me. Thought it was more evenly distributed between white/azn


If you looked at my skin I have the same complexion as Italians.


and this scares him

You are a 12 year member and don’t know at least 1 of like 2 well know SRK credos?

The poll options stop at 10 maximum. You have left DEEJAY down, mon.


Mixed Native American.


no, cuz you are just assuming SRK = GD
when I joined I was more involved in 3S, CvS2, Tekken subforums which at least from my impression had more azns than black ppl. I did take part on GD stuff from back in the day like TIS annual women thing and the masturbation tournament but I wasn’t 100% into GD until 3 years ago or something


So you know the

“SRK:We the Best” one

Not the “Black until proven otherwise” one.

Plan accordingly and report all white people calling other people “nigga,” thank you.

SR-2K$ Lounge: How the hell does NuRK work?
SR-2K$ Lounge: How the hell does NuRK work?
SR-2K$ Lounge: How the hell does NuRK work?

Whiter than a sheet over your head.

Make sure to wear shades when I take off my shirt.


I’m a fucking white ass honkey.


I’m Dominican


Scottish and Irish genes originate from somewhere around Turkey.

Their ancestors sailed up there, a long, long ass time ago.

So… Middle Eastern?


You didn’t put an option for rcaido’s pacific islander wife.