Whats your experience with Qanba Q2 fightstick?

How does it compare to Qanba Q1?

Is the Q2 stick and buttons bad or anything?

The Q1 is a plasticky POS. If you leave it in the back of your car on a hot day the whole stick body could warp.
Q2 has better construction but it still has those cheap Qanba knock off parts.

so you are saying despite the Q1 looking exactly like the Mad Catz TES USF4 sticks it feels very cheap compared to those mad catz sticks? ur not exaggerating or anything right? I will be using it only indoors no sun or anything.

I am however eyeing down the Q2 but is the Q2 buttons better than the Q1? I heard Q2 had some issues with the LED not working after a while. Dunno if its still an issue or what.

Does the Q2 feel significantly sturdier and higher quality than the Q1?

Was thinking buying Q1 and replacing the parts with Sanwa or Seimitsu. Or just buying the Q2.

How many years do you estimate the Q2 stick and buttons would last? I have never used sanwa or seimitsu so I was told that since I never experienced real Japanese parts I won’t feel weird or anything with the Qanba it will feel normal to me.

Since you never responded I take it you are full of shit? the Q1 has a metal plate for the top panel which makes it even more rock solid than the Razer Atrox I have seen the Atrox in action on youtube it can flex. the Q1 does not flex.

Because 4.5 stars on Amazon does not indicate the Q1 is anything like what you mentioned. I have a gut feeling you talk out of your ass a lot.

The Qanba sticks and the Q1 and Q2 are nothing like other sticks.
I gotten the Q1 to flex in room temperature with my bare hands.

I am also not your personal butler. I don’t answer questions for a living and I got no obligations to follow up on any post.

I googled Qanba Q1 flex and found nothing of the sort.

The top panel is also solid steel.

So you got to be living in some kind of oven or maybe Saudi Arabia.

I live in Maryland, which was 70 degrees two days ago and now it is snowing outside.

Well something must be clearly wrong with your stick. There is not a single review on Amazon about the Q1 having poor build quality there is only really good reviews about it. Some said one of the buttons didn’t last the R2 and others said they couldn’t find drivers.

Other than that its gotten nothing but rock solid reviews.

If what you say is true I would LOVE to see a video demonstrating this flexing you speak off. Maybe you can record one and post it up

Request Denied.

Also stop double posting.

Excellent this just proves my point that you are full of nasty anal shit lies.

I actually knew you were full of dirty anal feces from the start with your whole “OMG a top solid reviewed product is melting in room temperature now its melting in the snow I can throw snow balls outside” OMG OMG OMG.

AHHAHAHAHAHA Do you realize how retarded you made yourself look on this thread? like who would believe your dirty lies you can’t even back it up by a video ROFL

Thank god for the internet where one can actually research a product and get feed back from people with “verified purchase” on Amazon. Instead of some anal feces troll on a forum crying about how one of the best selling fightsticks in the world is melting in the snow.

I am surprised all your stupid ass fans on this forum hasn’t called you out on your fuckery as yet. You must really have some serious nut sack sniffer fans here after 15K posts. People need to understand that just because a no lifer has trolled 15K posts does not mean you really need to sniff his butt crack and nut sack. To make this community a better place you have to correct the nasty stinking lies not sniff nut sacks.

Here too @d3v

Yup lets see what the mod has to say. Lets see if your 15,000 posts gives you a free ticket to troll new users and post false nasty lies. Do you even realize the Q1 has internal metal structure? so now the snow is melting steel huh?

Lets see if it does, how good do you know d3v? you his personal friend that you gonna cry to him to silence new users while you spread nasty lies?

The option is still there post a video of your fightstick melting in room temperature. Lets see how much melt or flex you speak off and it had better not be the nanometer flex that the human eye can’t notice I want to see a real razer atrox flex I want to see this magical melting stick you alone on the entire internet knows about. Yet over 100 amazon buyers with reviews never seem to notice.

For safety purposes I will link a video of the Q1 where it is being used at room temp and its rock solid when tapped on. This is to call you out and prove you are nasty liar.


Ow look yet another video with some serious use infact this one is abuse when he starts the combos and no melting warping or flexing. well lookie at that guess we know who the real liar on this forum is. Atleast at the end of the day I can provide PROOF towards my argument and I don’t have to count on “belief”


So why are you asking for opinions about this here when you clearly only need youtube videos to make up your mind?

Because I wanted to see how many people are full of shit and I am happy I did.

I think @john9220 needs a time out. This attacking someone simply because they didn’t reply immediately is already pretty much a no-no in this thread. The same goes with the rest of your behavior.

And for the record, I have used a Q1 and can vouch for it not being up to the quality of a TE or even an Atrox.