What's your favorite 3d animated movie?


3D animated movies (pixar) are always great to watch, I love pixar movies, so Rattatouile was probably the top on my list.


It’s not like we have a movie thread.


The Incredibles & Wall-E.


Toy Story 2 and The Incredibles


The Incredibles.


Up and Wall-E


Toy Story 2.


The Incredibles, Megamind, Bolt, and Kung Fu Panda.


They are all really good, not just Pixar’s. It would be hard for me to decide because these movies never disappoint. I haven’t seen a bad one yet.

Wait, I take that back. 9 Was boring as shit. I had to keep rewatching parts of it because I kept fallings asleep. Also, for those of you who haven’t seen Tangled yet, go and check that out. You know, these movies are supposed to be mostly for kids, but I swear the writing (which is the real meat and potatoes) are geared more towards adults. I don’t even think my kid get’s half the jokes that are in this movie.


300, Monsters Inc.


i really liked cloudy with a chance of meatballs


How to train your dragon, by the the best 3D film ive ever watched. If you havent seen it in 3d, go and check it out.


I don’t think the OP meant jumping out at you 3D. I think they were talking more along the lines of the CGI movies and not 2D hand drawn stuff. Now, while I haven’t seen Train your dragon in actual 3D, it was a very good movie and I’m sure seeing it in 3D would enhane the experience somewhat. But I grew up in the 80’s where they went out of their way to show you what 3D was all about with actual 3D movies. Instead of the stuff coming out of the screen just a little, objects looked like they were actually going to hit you in the face. They don’t make em’ like that anymore. 3D then seemed like a much better illusion then it does now. I haven’t once reached out at the screen or tried to cover my face once watching any of the 3D movies that are out today.


for reference, what 3D movies from the 80s are you talking about?


Here’s my list:

Didja read it? No? It’s ok, I didn’t read yours either.



Jaws 3D. The fact that 3D doesn’t seem as innovative or fresh to you might have something to do with the concept and yourself aging 20+ years.


The Incredibles.


Jaws 3D, Captain EO, Amitiville and Friday the 13th part 3.

That’s not it at all Vynce. I think they just aren’t trying to oversaturate people with the idea that’s all. There were some parts in Avatar where things seem to come out at you but not often. In the older movies, there was something jumping out at you pretty often. Hell, even Spy Kids 3D had some pretty good 3D effects compared to most of the other stuff recently released. Like I said before, they are using 3D now to enhance the movie viewing expirience more so than for shock and awe.


I gotcha. You’d think we’d be back that, given the uncertainty of 3D in home theater. I’ve never seen a 3D movie, personally.


I don’t see 3D at home going to far, at least not now with the technology still in it’s early stages. I viewed some of the 3D TV’s at Best Buy and I was unimpressed. While it wasn’t the 3D quality I was expecting, it didn’t even seem remotely close to what you are getting in the theaters now. You should go check them out next time your there. Now while I don’t find it practical for movies, it’s seems awesome for games.

I’ve heard some people can’t even see 3D. It’s not because they have bad vision or anything, it’s just that they don’t get anything from viewing a 3D movie. Strange.