What's your favorite cc

I want to know ur favorite cc with A-kyo used in an actual battle, not in some fancy cv. One that u can actually pull out in critical moments. Here’s some of mine:

Fullscreen: (act)[dp+mp,whiff lk,dp+mp,roll]x3,dp+mp,whiff lk,hp,qcf+hk,k(end)–>1)f+hp,qcf+lp,hcb+lp,p(hit) (dmg~8450)
–>2)dp+hp (dmg~7980)
–>3)dp+hk (dmg~7950)

midscreen (same method as above): (act)dp+mp,whiff lk,dp+mp,roll, [dp+mp,whiff lk]x5,hp,qc+hk,k(end)–>1-2-3

near corner: jhk,hk,qcf+mk,k,d+hk,(act)[dp+mp,whiff lk]x7,hp,qcf+hk,k(end)–>1-2-3(dizzy*)…

with reset(50-90%success rate):jhk,hk,qcf+mk,k,d+hk,(act)dp+mp,whiff lk,hk,qcf+lp,hcb+lp,p(hit),d+lk,f+mk,[dp+mp,whiff lk]x3,hp,qcf+hk,k(end)–>1-2-3(dizzy*)…

*character with 60-70stunpts only.

Cool azz CC’z.

Here’s some of my fvaorites in a real match:

St.Hpx3, St.HK, DF+HK (1-hit), Cl.HP, St.HKx2, DF+HK (2-hit)x6, XX Final Shodown.

If the opponent is crouching, I’ll start of with Cr.MK instead. Sometimes I end the combo with New Wave Smash (QCF+HK), into Deep, Spinning Kicks (DP+K) if I hit the opponent a few times before starting.


Ju.HK, Cl.HK, QCF+HK,HK, DP+MK, XX CC: DP+MPx2-CR.HP (whiff), QCF+MP, HCB+MP, MP, [Cr.LKx3, Cr.MK, DF+HK (2-hit)]x2, (CC ends), QCF+HK, HK, Deep, DP+HK (3-hit), {dizzy}, Ju.HK…

I’ve practiced this one for so long that itz just second nature for me to get it consistently in a real match. But ironically, I have a better time doing at home than in the arcade.

I also due that Anti-air CC that u do, but I end it with the Orochi-Nagi.

heres a very simple yet dmging combo
sorry if u posted it.

activate HK(X3) qcfHP HK(X3) qcfHP…final showdown…

this one is a bit tricky but its an anti air CC
opponent jumps in
activate - dp HP xx df hk dp HP xx df…corner hcb hk xx serpent wave.

This one CC is good as crouching opponents: Cr.MK, [St.HKx4, QcF+MP, DF+HK (2-hits)]x4 XX Qcf, Qcf+P. [7500]

It’s mp dp, not hp.

whhops my bad… I wasnt sure since I dont use that combo anymore…so I just went with instrinct… thnx for the correction…