Whats your favorite console and why? Choices: the lolbox, the gaystation, or the pee-yew

just curious

Edit: Might as well put in my answer since everyone is being party poopers. I personally like the pee-yew the best. However, I’ll have no choice but to get the lolbox because I want to play SF4 and KI and I know the pee-yew won’t have KI. I don’t know if the pee-yew has SF4 and if it does, I’m not sure how good the internet connection is. But I will most likely get the pee-yew also because Wintendo makes such awesome games and I’m excited for the new smash.

We need to reduce the number of flags from 3 to 1. Just an all encompassing *Truly Horrible * flag. I couldn’t decide between the three that we have…


At least answer :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

When the hell are we going to get a “complete fucking dipshit” flag already?

lol @ pee-yew


There was discussion about peanut butter tiers, but the thread was never allowed to reach it’s full potential…

Peanut butter spinach sandwich is S-Tier for workouts

The post-evo horrible thread flood has begun

How about the OH-YEAH?

GD forum has less rules on telling you your topic is bad and you should not make such bad topics, with extra emphasis on the roast, of bad topic OP.

Perhaps "______ you gay"
Perhaps “______ you can now marry gay like Have a chew in several of your American states and townships”

All that and more. Believe me. Please enjoy.

G.Washington Popeye?!

I don’t know if that’s what people want to look like after working out!

Can you bury an OP? Legitimate question.

Just answered it for you.

I is confused. I really wanted to know what people thought was teh best. What did I do wrong, was this posted in teh wrong forum section???

Edit: NvM, I see srk has been overtaken by grumpy old men. Sorry for “trolling” on what I thought would be a fun topic to discuss.

I’m confused, which console is the oh-yeah?

You are stupid…go away.



For real though…



Haha, priceless bro!