Whats your favorite fighting game soundtrack?

I was curious to see what soundtracks do the members of SRK listen to. Personally Guilty Gear X’s soundtrack gets me hyped when im playing. This track is way to beast [media=youtube]u9LtKHiVRCw[/media] :smokin:

I like the Guilty Gear material myself, you might like the stuff on BlazBlu as Daisuke Ishiwatari did the soundtrack for that game as well.

The classic Street Fighter soundtrack from the CPS1 arcade board also has a special place in my heart. (I actually like SF Anniversary Collection for this very reason as I can essentially play Super Turbo but the audio of the CPS1 games, heck they even redid Dee Jay, Cammy, Fei-Long, and T. Hawk’s themes in the CPS1 style for that game)

But I’ll say in terms of musical composition with using live instruments.

Many of the King of Fighters arranged soundtracks being some of my personal favorites.

Fairy (KOF96 Chizuru Boss theme / KOF98 Woman’s Team), some of the Iori themes, I also like Still Green (KOF97 Shingo Theme) all in their arranged versions.

Also the Kim, Ikari, and Kyo arrangements for KOF96 also are awesome.

Akatsuki Blitzkampf

Samurai Showdown V and 3S tied for second.

I have the blazblue soundtracks that came with my copy of BB actually :smile: but i definetly dig the cps1 style soundtracks on SFAC and iori in KOF just has a monster of a theme.

KOF 2000 AST
(There’s seriously not a single track on these two that isn’t great)
Guilty Gear XX (Ishiwatari deserves huge credit for such a large and varied soundtrack while retaining the central theme of Rock)
3rd Strike AST
and of course SF2 Turbo (CPS2)

Honorable Mentions to Last Blade for its all-Classical soundtrack with time-appropriate instruments (only wish you heard more of them during the game) and Street Fighter 4 for its stage themes (not the J-Pop crap).

Jojo’s bizzare adventure is just awesome in terms of music.

Killer Instinct

Third Strike

Hyper Fighting on SNES, so much better than megadrive/genesis and arcade


‘Tekken 2’

Tekken Tag
King of Fighters (different songs from each)
Street Fighter (different remixes of original stages)
Killer Instinct

I wouldnt say “better”. But different.

For me, EVERYTHING Capcom did on CPS2 was awesome. There’s tons more, but yeah.

Aren’t half the GG songs just covers of actual metal songs?

I like the soundtrack to Touhou fighters.

Blazblue has some tracks that I listen to regularly (Taokaka and Hakumen’s themes specifically) but a lot of it is just cock rock that isn’t memorable in terms of tune.

The soundtracks to both Tekken 5 and T5DR are awesome to me.

GGXX series, Soul Blade, Toshinden, SF2, Last Blade 2, Gundam Wing: Endless Duel

I haven’t heard many fighting game soundtracks but the SNES SF 2 Soundtrack was nice and the SF 3 : 3rd Strike is nice aswell.

SF EX Plus Alpha, the PS version… one of the best soundtracks on a videogame ever.

Also: Soul Edge + Khan Super Session.

Guilty Gear AC+
Project Justice
Third Strike
Street Fighter EX
Super Street Fighter 2 (Remixes and Originals)
King o Fighters 98 -00 (Mostly)

Third Strike.
It sounds like the music I listen to anyway.

Killer Instinct