What's your favorite fighting game tagline/sub title

mine is probably dream match never ends. every time someone brings up 1998 I add dream match never ends to it.

like “my favorite Madden was Madden 98 : dream match never ends”

Millionaire fighting is also good. I know a lot of snk fighters and other animu games have some awesome engrish titles so let’s hear them.

“True 3D Fighting Environment!”

Of course I love FIGHT FOR THE FUTURE! Inspires me to play 3s even more. my favorites after that would probably have to be millionaire fighting and dream match never ends tho

Grand Master Challenge is pretty fuckin sick too

No love for “Mark of the Millenium” or “Millionaire Fighting Tournament”? A common phrase in my circle of friends playing Cvs2, when something weird happened to finish a match was, “So that is how the mark of the millenium ends?” Lol fun times.

Ryuoko No Ken (Art of Fighting)


The Fight for the Future, Cross Generation of Heroes, and United by Fate are mine. I like how they make the fights seems so much bigger than it actually was. That fight in the school yard suddenly becomes the ultimate battle of ultimate destiny.

Warrior Dreams is another good one.

Match of the Millennium. Fitting tagline for a fight between, what was the the 2 biggest 2d fighting game developers, Capcom and SNK.

Yeah that is pretty epic. It was Unbelievable at the time that Capcom vs SNK appeared. Its like hearing for the first time, Marvel vs DC or something.

Haohmaru’s Portrait of Hell (SS2)

I kinda think fluffy fanboy stuff like this is much better suited for GD.