What's your favorite Resident Evil weapon and why?

I know that theres a huge Resident Evil thread, but that thread is already huge, so i thought a subject like this deserved its own thread.

No it doesn’t…kick rocks.

the thread is huge enough as it is and right now they’re discussing revelations or w/e the new RE is. gunna b hard to have two big discussions going on at the same time.

re4 - red9

close thread :coffee:

Resident Evil 2. The game box is thick and it shatters easily. Chuck that at some punk-ass wiener kid. Great weapon.

RE1 Beretta. 99% of the game can be completed with that gun alone.

I’m gonna say…

Red 9

Hunks TMP because it was like an insta- neck break

Killer 7

and…The hunting rifle RE:4

Resi 3 Desert Eagle
Resi 3 Grenade Launcher with Freeze or Acid Rounds
Resi 1 Knife

id have to go with the chicago typewriter. no upgrades necessary, awesome damage, rapid fire, can kill anything almost effortlessly without fear of really being surrounded and gr8 for funneled enemies

RE5 Hydra

That stupid mandatory lock on one or else you don’t beat the last boss

In Code:Veronica

All that time wasted fumbling with that thing while Wesker is probably watching and laughing at you instead of getting away again. You wish you got a Cutscene Rocket Launcher aim any direction and fire instead as that always goes in all the previous games before that, then they even go back to that in RE4.

linear launcher dude
speaking of the knife, the CV and RE4 knives were the best ever. CV was the most powerful knife of the classic REs. in RE4, until u got the special weapons, usual attack was shoot, melee, knife on the ground

Maxed out broken butterfly in RE4. Better known as the ender of worlds, power rating of 50 because why the fuck not

i think the maxed out handcannon wants a word with u lol

No, We already have a dedicated resident evil thread. this discussion goes there.