What's your favorite stage?

I didn’t really think about it, but I always choose Cosmic Elevator when I have the choice to (and when the connection is not horrible lol).

Are there any in particular that you guys prefer?

I like the one with the bright lights and trucks. Then comes the skate park one.

Pitstop 109 and Mishima stage, training stage would be my 3rd pick only because it rarely lets me down when it comes to playing lag-free.

Mishima for visuals, Pitstop for the funky music

Pitstop and Mad Gear Hideout. Dem tunes.

Pitstop 109 because of how cool the trucks become when in round 2/3, then training stage and finally Pandora’s box because of those crazy floating dinosaurs.

Half Pipe, Cosmic Elevator and Dinosaur one are my favourites.

I personally can’t stand Pit Stop :stuck_out_tongue:

A tie between Cosmic Elevator and Mad Gear Hideout

Training Stage (Seriously). Next is definetely Mishama Estate followed by Mad Gear. I really don’t care for the rest of them.

This game could’ve used some Tekken-Like stages with destructible environment.

Mishima estate. Love the rooftop fights, love the Heihachi theme remix that plays there.

…aaand far behind, I’d say Furnace.

My favorite is Pit Stop 109.
More stages need to to be multi layered as well.

I honestly can’t pick a favorite. I like all the stages in this game.

Although, I think Half-pipe is slightly above the other stages simply because of the Yun and Yang cameo. :smiley:

Everybody party…

  1. Mishima bc rooftop
  2. cosmic elevator bc music and floating mecha gief
  3. training stage bc neutral
  4. jurassic era bc dinosaurs
  5. mad gear bc music and colors
  6. antartica bc hovercraft, cool music plus chasing mammoth
  7. halfpipe bc halfpipe
  8. blast furnace bc lava
  9. pandora bc floating stuff and fighting dinosaurs
  10. Urban is meh bc of the (imo) not fitting music, but it looks cool

these are all good and fine but this one is really bad:
over 9000. Pitstop bc of happy hardcore(I seriously can’t stand happy hardcore)

Blast furnace, because it’s the only one that doesn’t seem stupid to me. Sometimes I’ll pick mad gear or mishima estate.

Cosmic Elevator and Pitstop 109 for moi. :smiley:

Who are you people trying to kid here? Everyone and their mother picks the training stage because they have some false sense that it lags less.

Every time I hear that song it turns into this:


I have absolutely no idea why.

Anyway, favorite stages by far are Mishima Estate, Cosmic Elevator, and Anartica. I’ve come around on the Pitstop stage now, actually like it.

Only stage I can’t stand with a passion is Pandora. -___-

Wondered if that was true lol. I’ve experienced the same amount (or lack thereof) on that stage as others.

People never picked the training stage before evo2k11.